Just watch finish one jap show showing in channel 8, about nurses and doctors. 1st episodes about Tokoyo met up with a strong earthquake, causing them to have shortage of equipment etc. Although is just a story line, but part of it is based on true inciddent as Japan ever had high degree of eartquake before. This show really catch my attention, going to catch it next week again.

Since talkinh about nurses stuff and mirage also mention about it. Just want to share some of my thoughts. Let me give you 2 true story (sorry if my eng is not that good) :


Patient A has been admitted to hospital since the 3rd day of chinese new year (can re well because relatives keep talking to me abt Patient A). She came in about some knee and skin problem and which is quite serious as she went through about 2-3 operations. After that she develope some complications, and at one point of time she is put as DIL (dangerously ill list). Throughout her stay, altogether almost 6-7 months, her relatives come everyday to bring tonic, trying to increase her intake as her intake is very poor. Cook dishes everyday, bring it to hospital every 3 – 4 times per day. At night they will sponge the patient, apply cream etc, before she go to sleep. The family was eager to bring her home, afraid that staying in hospital for too long is no good to her. (of coz who will want to stay for 6 months eating hospital food!?)


Patient B has been admitted to hospital about the same month as Patient A. She has some infection and anaemia. Its a simple diagnosis, and she was treated well. But her case was different, her relatives seldom visit her. Unsure what they want for her discharged planning. To send home and hired a maid or to send to nursing home. At first they decide to send to nursing home A, so they went through some procedure and finally nursing home accepted the patient. But last min the family refused. The planned to bring her home and hired a maid to look after her. Ok never mind so we cancel the nursing home and wait for the family reply regarding the maid to prepare her for caregiver training. But once again, the maid never appear. The fanily again decided to sent patient to nursing home A again, but this time round was rejected. This was drag about 1 month. While discussing with our NC, if they can’t decide what they want by XX date they dun want to bring patient home will charged as overstayer. But bad news, Patient developed her same problem again till last month.


PATIENT A: She discharged well and happily with family great support.

PATIENT B: Sad to say she passed away. Altought that peroid of time (DIL) relative stay by her side.

The family has make a wrong decision. Staying in hospital espically old people does not save your cost. Some of the patients relative thought that by dragging time to send patient home or nursing home will save their money is WRONG. Alot of old people was being “dumped” to hospital because family don’t want to take care of them. Thinking that here have nurses to take care, cheap labour compare to the stay in nursing home. So they keep on dragging.
Old people, children and body defence are poor like cancer patient are easily contact with virus or bacteria. Where hospital is full of this. I just don’t understand this kind of people. You are so scare of this hospital virus etc, but how come never think about your relatives lying down there. Agree with what mirage said. We are acute hospital, NOT nursing home. ACUTE HOSPITAL treating patients with immediate treatment, or intermediate care, not for those patients who have cleared off their symptoms.

We give you choices and help you but shame on this kind of people, sad to say. I feel like telling off the relative that you are the main problem causing your relative to pass away. Imaging she is cheerful, greet morning to her next bed patient to a moody patient and slowly left the world. No point staying last min by her bed side anxious about this and that.. whats the point when you have do it earlier when the patient is well and happy??

Everybody love baby, because they are cute, helpless innocent cute. But old people are also in the stage so call “the baby stage”. They are actually quite cute and nice to talk with, espcially dementia old people. But nobody loves them. Please YOU WILL GROW OLD ONE DAY!!!

First case has all the Tender Loving Care.

Second case she has nothing but nurses love and care, bitter medication and doctor.


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