1 WEEK…..

Wondering why today’s title is name as 1 week? Hee.. Is actually the no. of days my bf is in the army… 1 week…

How do i survive through this 1 week?

~ Working
~ Serving FP (Really thanks alot to this forum. haha)
~ Sleeping
~ Miss, thinking and dreaming of him

Lol, that is how i survive? Anyway another one week to go, and dear will be out from army for 3 days.. Better than nothing right.

Talkative abit me so happy the clothes i ordere from Hollister has arrived its so nice and the cutting is so fitting. At first was so scare the cutting doesn’t fit me as it was my first time ordering from there. And now me waiting for my victoria secret stuff.. Hee… Okay.. too much of gal stuff liao.. (anyway my blog is about gal stuff right?)..


Ok good night..


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