By the way all the rest of the photos i have uploaded under “Before Dear Enlistment”. Feel free to look. Going back to sleep liao.. Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd also the photos i’m suppose to upload on the 2nd Day of outing is at the post, so scroll it down.. Have a nice day..

Oh yar, yesterday was doing one jewellery showcase by Carrefour (thanks issac for intro me the job). Some of the Jewellery picese are quite nice. I love the necklace that i’m wearing, but not the ring is too big. All together have 4 sets,

1. Black Sea Pearl (something like this, can’t re the exact name)
2. ? Diamond Set (Simple and Princess cut)
3. Ruby with Diamond Set (I like this design)
4. ? Diamond Set (The one i’m wearing)

All together cost about S$15,000. The one i’m wearing is the most expensive worth about S$5800! The Black pearl is about S$3000 plus, the ? diamond and ruby set is about S$4000 to S$5000 plus. I wish issac never ask about how much the jewellery cost i feel so “heavy” after knowing the price.. Image hosted by If we need to go toilet must let our “Bodyguard” to follow us… lol i rather dun go toilet. Image hosted by Haha..

Short description of the jewellery. The jewellary is from France, The France company join partnership with Carrefour to retail the jewellery. Not very sure about the whole process (know this when the France manager presented the silde). So the jewellery counter is located at Carrefour Suntec level 2 at the electical side. The jewellery are quite expensive but not so ex like Tian Po. I like their Fine Stone Range is very nice. Maybe next time i will go down and have a better look. Forget how to spell the Jewellery name is in France something like “?? amour or”.
Anyway will upload the photos once i got it. Hope the Manager can send to me fast hee..

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