Today had a couple retreat spa at FIL skin and body care with dear. Both of us had a very nice experience!Image hosted by First we had a 10-15 mins of foot spa, soak with rose petal and essencial oil. After that we proceed to the full body scrub. That was nice.. Image your full body (yes full body!!) was nicely scrub, which leaves your skin fresh and nice. Soon after the body scrub we were brought to the steam bath to have ourselves relax. But dear and me feel abit breathless, imagine you are breathing in the steam (water vapour) but we were quite enjoy.. give each other massageImage hosted by and after that have a bathe.

After bathing is the full body massage. This is the part which i really feel relax, enjoy and eventually fll asleep! hee.. The massage therapist was very skillful and the strength she used was strong and really makes my muscle relax!Image hosted by After few mins of massage i had fall asleep.. Image hosted by That was our last session of Couple retreat spa. Will come back again to do my body scrub and massage.

After a nice spa and dinner, we walk to Bugis – Divine Wine Bar where dear is currently working part-time there while waiting to go to NS. We went inside and have a drink, chit chat n enjoying the music etc. A very nice experience too, because only VIP or members are allow to the wine bar. Seeing all those rich guys and their young wifeImage hosted by, business man talking etc. Anyway didn’t stay there for too long about 40mins we are on our way home already.

Really like the spa alot, prefer the spa more than the gym.. at least i prefer i well skin texture and a nice body through spa and relax! Ok have to stop here.. my eyes want to close already. Good night people, have a nice day tomorrow. Oh ya.. tomorrow going to kimage to do my hair for their advertisment. Hope it turn out nice and i’ll be able to keep my long hair otherwise very difficult to get assignment with funny hair style. Good night, sweet dreams…Image hosted by

P/S: By the way, dunno whether have u notice that i have put comment at the end of the blog.. just leave a comment of anything you like but no “bombs” or bad things okay… Say it in a nice way..


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