3rd August ~ Happy Birthday to me!!! Wahaha.. have been enjoying and suffering (coz still sick) myself for the pass few days!! Me really really very happy for all the efforts done by my friends, family and benny to make me happy and my birthday wonderful!! 😀

Okok.. got damm lots of stuff to post.. As usual going to group them day by day. 😀

1st August

Meet benny for dinner at chinatown after casting. Want to eat the famous porridge over there. But it doesn't turn out nice as what I have been eating when I wroking at SGH. 🙁 But still I like their raw fish dish. 😀


Our porridge.. we had liver porridge.


2nd August

Nothing much on this day.. just having fun in school! PLaying with Joanne's sunglasses during break time. 😛

"Uncle" Jerry showing how to way sunglasses in the "COOL" way…


My turn to demo how to wear it in a … cute way??


The owner of the sunglasses.. my buddy Joanne!!! She wipe the glasses also so happy.. wahahaha..


After school, faster go home.. coz its the day, we have someone new to live with us ~ A lovely dog!!! Thanks alot to Gordon for giving me the dog and also just so happy to be the eve of my brother and my birthday.. I'm really very very happy!! 😀

My brother

My sister trying to be funny.. 😛


Me and the dog


Daddy and the dog.. thats 2 "dogs" hahaha.. coz dad's zodiac is Dog.


The dog!!! The breed of the dog is Pomeranian, her name is "Mao Mao", the previous owner name her that, so we continue to use that name.. 😀


03 August

Happy Birthday to me!!! 😀 had a mini celebration with my friends after school and after that went to Colleen's place. Really thanks alot for her effort to make cupcakes for me and the presents too!! And not forgetting Melissa, getting into pageant, knowing both of you is the good thing I ever had!! 😀 (photos taken at Colleen's place will upload another day coz pics with melissa :D)

1. Meal with Brian, Shiying n Joanne, the rest need to work.. 🙁

We went to eat fish n Co. at AMK hub


Ordered grill fish, quite nice.. ! Actually wanted to eat their fish and chips but still having cough so no choice.. 🙁


Shiying and Joanne


Our side dishes.. grill "sotong"


(Pics taken at Colleen's place will be post another day, pics wirh melissa :D)

After leaving Colleen's place which is around 11place.. was quite tired but really very happy. Went home and received a small surprise from my little brother.. He called me for help, but end up I go into the room, with lights off and a nice big present on his bed!! **TOUCH** I haven't buy for him his present lor.. must faster go and buy..

Me and the dog


My surprise birthday present from my brother!


Its a PIG!!!


Share my blueberry cake with my Maomao..


4th August

Celebration of my brother and my birthday with the family!! Went to the nearby hawker centre to have a big feast.. Brought maomao along too.. let her enjoy.. hahaha.. she loves going out lor.. see ppl and jump on their legs.. she loves legs.. hahah

Playing with her in the afternoon


She sleeping in the pile of clothes.. lucky not mine.. its my sister… hahaha…


At the hawker centre….

Benny and me


Mao mao.. sitting on the chair.. thank god, she's too timid to jump down from the chair (even walk down flights of stairs).. otherwise will have trouble taking care of her, she's so hyper active!


My family.. Take 1 and 2.. Dad never look at the camera, he couldn't tak it, coz I keep on snapping away.. wahahaha..

After eating, we went back home for birthday cake celebration!! Dearest brother is 21 yrs old!!


The 2 birthday boy and gal!! Forget to say, my bro n me got same birth date but born in different year, I'm older than him by 3 yrs old!


The 3 kids!!


Posing with mom.. Dad playing with maomao, don't want to take photo -,-"


My sister and my brother.. in the 2nd pics, she's trying to do the Gabtys thing..


I wish, He wish.. WE WISH!!!


Cutting cake!! brother making fun of me… don't want me to cut the cake.. so he use his strength to go against me.. :X


Playing with the cake!! We have a great time!! 😀


5th August

3rd day of my birthday celebration.. this time round is with my love ~ Benny.. He lied to me that we are just going to eat hawker food.. nothing special was prepared but he give me a last min surprise by going to Carlton hotel ~ Cafe Vic. They are having this durian feast over there.. I love to eat durians!! So Benny brought me there to have buffet and some durian feast!! Durian lovers can check it out here –> Promotion

The BIG durian!!



Dear and me


The buffet…


Our food!! Big feast!!


The durian pudding, durian bobochacha and durian cream puff..


Me "zilian" abit while Benny go to toilet.. 😛


After he's back from toilet, we went outside to have the durian feast!! Think in singapore, as a chef, not only you must know how to cook, you also must know how to crack durian!!


Yummy durian!!


Have a wonderful, heavy and eat to heart content dinner!!! Really thanks alot to Benny for putting in the effort, creating a nice surprise for me!! 😀 Next week got another dinner feast again with Yifei, Lionel and Suekay for my birthday!! 😛

Lastly end the post with what I have wore on Friday and Sat!

Friday ~ Esprit top, black long necklace from Aust, MrQ shorts w/slash and wedges from Bata (something like the white one but its sling back) (great buy$15.. :P) and motocycle bag in Jade colour

Sunday ~ VS halter red top, Esprit 3/4 pants, heels from lavendaz.com, earrings from china and motocycle bag in jade colour.

Night night!! 😀