Hihi… didn’t blog for 1 week plus ya.. haha.. Think i’m getting lazier as days goes by. Office hours job really kills me.

So far my new job is alright, something happening in the clinic on my 4th day of work, one of the new staff (3 months senior than me) resign. So right now I have to do paper/counter work till a new staff arrive. I’m supposed to learn eye checking like Humphrey test etc and assist doctors in their procedure this week but can’t 🙁 All the 3 doctors everyday keep on asking me whether I’m alright, any problems etc.. They really hope I can stay long, because they really have quite high turnover rate due to some “human resources”. I don’t think I will leave the work place till I graduate from my studies, coz the pay is quite high to pay of my school fees and the 3 doctors are really very nice to get along with. Thats very very important! I hate to work with shitty doctors… Thats explain why I can use my fingers to count how many doctors friends I have or those I can even remember.

Talking about studies, almost couldn’t study in this coming July, but thanks to those who help me ya! Even with the government grant is still so expensive (But got government grant cannot complain as 40% still means alot to me) , coz SIM also increase the school fees!! So whatever I save for my Sem1 is not enough lor KNS but lucky change new job with higher pay the rest of the school fees I no need to worry!

Thats about all today.. not much ya.. office hours really makes me no life!! Haha.. coz I don’t like crowded places, so normally I don’t go out to shop, as for weekdays, after office hours, is crowded everyway.. so last choice.. Go home.. -,-” lolz..

Ok la, got to wake up early. Night night. 😀


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