2nd day of holiday!!

hehe.. really enjoying my live after exam!! But I can’t enjoy oo long, coz got to work and tidy up my room, ya I know it has been taking forever.. -,-” …

Today meet up Benny after he finish wor, friday is his dress down day and also knock off early too! We went to walk around bugis village then walk to Suntec City. We didn’t go for the comex thing, coz I scared of crowd.. 😛 so we just walk around, looking for his bags, and me as usual looking at shoes.. 😛

A pics of me just out of the house. 😛 I love the sunglasses! Its from F21.. bought with another pair for just USD$9 for both.
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We had BBQ chicken and my favorite chicken skin for late lunch / early dinner.. ??
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Benny and me
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Lastly what I wore today!

Black top from Benny, bought ti from Taiwan when he went there for training, shorts from BV, golden belt, grey flats, Aber bag, Cap from AE, earrings from Freash Profushion.
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Not sure going for the UNISIm tomorrow, coz Joanne still haven’t confirm with me yet.. sianz.. Its for my next year Degree in Psychology.. finally another dream of mine is getting nearer.. seems like me trying all my best to achieve all my dreams.. 😛
Anyone who is interested for the course can for the open house tmr at SIM located at Clementi next to NP.

Details here: http://www.sim.edu.sg/sim/pub/soh/oh.html

Night night everyone.. Miss Mommy… She went for Genting trip with her company.. Hope she buy something for us.. hehe..

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