DAY 2 – PhotoShoot

Photoshoot at Kangwon Land Hotel.. My favourite drink!!! Good for digestive system! My room mate.. She’s Miss Malaysia! Pretty babe! Part of the view outside the hotel.. From the left: Ms Prague, Ms (can’t remember), Ms Serbia, Ms Podgorica, Ms Thessaloniki (if i’m not wrong) Kangwon Land!! Their arts display outside the hotel.. The group […]

DAY 1 – PART 2

PART 2 – ARRIVAL @ Kangwon Land Casino Hotel Webby: The big Hall… The view outside my room Casino Hotel… casino cup… Miss India.. she’s only 17…. so young.. and tall!!! hm… can’t remember she’s from where… but one thing her nose is damm sharp.. nice.. Miss Prague, when i saw her i ask […]