PRETTY PRETTY….Today meet up with Cynthia and Puay Chen to do medi and pedicure for Yan peng’s wedding and also for my friend, Qing Ying’s ROM which is Today at 245pm. Was kenna excited!! Coz this is my first time doing… haha.. really!! Its a very nice experience. We went to Polished Diva which is […]

CONTINUE…. 03/11/2005Steam Boat at Sayli’s House. WE had our maonthly gathering at Sayli’s house. Not only just for our gathering, its also consider her house warming and next year Feb 2006 she will be going to Aust to further studies in nursing. We had a lot of fun, but i think we gals are not […]

Continue…. 30/11/2005, NS gal friends outing… Had our FP outing at FIsh n Co. 2 of the gals bought their bf. Didn’t know they brought their bf along, otherwise can ask Benny to join me. 🙂 So happy yo see them espcially Ying ying and Serene. Miss them so much and also my spree items! […]