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Baby Yi He 的第一次

Baby Yi He 的第一次 1

Woo.. finally get to blog.. Was quite busy for the past few days and my blog was revamping also. Finally a new look and a domain name for my blog.  Now is officially MY blog.. haha.. Okok back to topic! Yi He had her first photoshoot sponsor by one of MQ Baby & Kids sponsor […]

Goodies for weaning baby!

Did I mention goodies? Yes, I did!!  Haha.. everyone love goodies bag! Is just like receiving a present, hoping to find some surprises inside!Since Baby Yi He going to start her 1st puree soon.. actually is TOMORROW, that means she’s 6 months already!! Woohoo.. Ok back to signing up > so I sign up all […]

Malaysia Trip & Mothers Day Celebration

Happy Mothers Day!!  I know is over, but I still want to wish all mothers ~ Happy Mothers Day!! Hehe.. Hopefully every mother enjoy their like I do! Baby Yi He got her passport on Saturday. Mr Tan, can’t wait to get her passport chop, he seriously can’t wait till our Korea trip in Sept, […]

Enjoying Tai Tai Life

Mr Tan went for company trip since Thursday, so I took leave from work to take care Yi He, coz our infant care is in town, save the trouble from sending her by myself. My refreshing course for driving not completely finish >.<, so better don’t drive…  Meet up with April on Thursday for lunch […]

4th Wedding ~ Barry’s wedding

Last Saturday was Barry’s wedding, finally he got married, otherwise I will be the only one who have married status in our khakis group >.< And hopefully both of them will have offspring soon, haha so Yi He wouldn’t be that lonely 😛 Yi He sweet sweet outfit, old outfit just mix & match hehe […]

The Wedding Season

Ooo.. back to blogging.. so long!! So busy with my pre-orders stuff.. hehe.. Can’t wait for my first batch of pre-orders to arrived! Anyway back to today post, going to post lots of photos today.. All the wedding post! lol… This yr I have 8 wedding dinnner!! Can u imagine?! In that case will I […]

Tummy time!!

Yi He’s tummy time!! Put her on tummy while I preparing for my work…..  We suspect she’s teething because she keep on doing that monkey face, like trying to smooth her gum, not only that she also started drooling quite a bit and getting cranky, sometimes refuse pacifier.. So we are giving her gripe water […]

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