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Thermal cooker ~ working mom best helper!

Have been thinking of getting a thermal cooker for quite some time but I was hesitating due to a lot of factors like Does it really cook my dish and keep it warm till I’m back home which is at least 10hrs > Will my food be tasty? BUT IN THE END I STILL WENT […]

A trip to “The Secret of the Fallen Pagoda”

Thanks to my friend who told me about this free admission, to this wonderful historical exhibition in Asia Civilization Museum, which was published in newspaper, Got the newspaper cutting from her, as my TODAY newspaper went “missing”, no idea who took mine outside my house.. -_- Our family outfit for the day!! hubby also wearing black.. […]

Motherhood Food for thought 1…

Seldom I will pen down my thoughts on motherhood in my blog, because motherhood is such a broad terms even though is only a 10 letters word. But the recent sickness on my girl makes me think so much about it and some how I’m just glad that making a decision on my 2nd business […]

New challenge and my pregnancy

I can’t believe I let my blog grow cobwebs again.. -_-” Didn’t do it on purpose, just that I’m so tired and busy ever since I went for my Taiwan trip. Didn’t expected that, but before I went Taiwan, I have been liaising with a baby company hoping to get a distributorship. Is not easy, […]

The new joy

I believe for those who have been follow my instagram or FB will know that we are going to have a new family member this year! Yes a baby which I have been hoping for ever since the arrival of my 1st one. I just can’t wait to smell the baby smell again!! Haha.. Was […]

Skinny Pizza

Won a S$80 dinning voucher from Skinny Pizza organize by BubbaMama. So brought hubby and Yi He along yesterday to Wheelock Place have a feast! My small family! My girl is getting more and more cheeky..

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