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Holiday fun and blues…

Gosh spend half a day blogging product reviews. Recently become on of the parents blogger for Pampers. Done my first post so please 多多支持

Life getting more fulfilling

Thinking of a appropriate blog title took me awhile (my English not say super fantastic lah..), wondering what is the best way to describe my life now. It will be a lot easier if I try to describe my current house now > messy like mad!! Lol.. I mean all working mom (especially without helper) […]

Baby Checklist ~ revised

The essential guide for parents-to-be Previously when I had my first, I actually blog (old blog) about my baby checklist on what to buy over HERE. I realized that a lot of people share or blog about their baby to-buy checklist but never really post what is actually important after that. I also didn’t realize […]

Dummy Guide to Deco your Samsung Part 2

Morning folks!! Before I start blogging other stuff about my weekends, I’m going to continue my dummy guide to deco your phone! Today will be about lock screen, keyboard, sms and other stuff. Let’s get started!!

Dummy Guide to Deco your Samsung Part 1

Last week, my NOTE 2 decided to die on me after I repeating it dropping from a height. I always drop my hp, so at least my NOTE 2 serves this butter-finger owner well before it decided to call it quits. Lucky we have a spare phone at home > iPhone. I curse under my […]

Disney On Ice & Shopping Spree!

Finally once a year Disney On Ice is here!! Is always my must watch every year (before I had my girl even), just to catch my favorite Mickey Mouse.. haha.. but every time his appearance is so short! I wish he and Minnie Mouse can have more performance! Anyway this year performance, 2nd half I […]

Praying to ancestor

清明时节雨纷纷, 路上行人欲断魂, 借问酒家何处有, 牧童摇指杏花村。

It’s a baby…….

Finally after 5 months of long wait!! Those who have follow my twitter, instagram or facebook will know!!  I can happily said my little baby is a BABY GIRL!!! I’m so happy, ask the radiographer 3 times confirm girl hor.. hahaha.. Hold on..

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