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After working, on my way to Benny’s place, wanted to buy lunch for him, then realise i left my wallet in the mobil1 bag and is with our in-charge.. -__-” Sotong… Think i eat too much of it. Last few weeks i left my makeup stuff in the bag and today is my wallet… Lucky […]

Grand finals for teen of the universe

Finally after so many days of judging, yesterday (sunday 08/04) is the grand final of Little Princess and Teens of the Universe 2007!!Showing u some contestants National costume!! Russia, She got the best National Costume AwardSingaporePhillipinesTalent segment: The Ukrain little contest got 1st runner up (guy) and winner (gal) for talent segment. Their talent is […]

Little Princess and Prince

Today went to Millenia Walk as a judge for Little Princess and Prince pagent as the pagent is held over there. This is the second time I’m doing as a judge, first is for the subtitles for Mr Singapore World and now for the Little kids pagents. Same job different kind of feeling. Kids is […]


This semester I’m having all morning classes, thats great coz I can do some job in the afternoon and earn some $$ for my school fees! ๐Ÿ˜€ But waking up early and try not to fall asleep is an issue.. so we have our secret weapon!!!Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang………..Sweetie…. To keep us awake!!So many sweets […]

CK & Fashion

Yappie!!! Today is the first day of school after my 1 month holiday! Miss school so much.. coz for me its like i have not been going for school since feb due to the competition so is like I haven’t been going to school for 2 months! ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway school for today is really fun, […]

CLEO Bachelors

Peeps.. finally the photos are here!! ๐Ÿ˜› I know the photos is kind of late but is ok right ๐Ÿ˜› Not much photos also haha… Got 2 tickets from Dylan, one i gave it to Cindy and her friend, the other one I asked Benny to come along to watch the show too after he […]

Shoot shoot…

Yoyo, time really fly fast.. Its going to be friday tomorrow and I’m going to start school in 2 April!! Can’t wait to start school! ๐Ÿ˜› Coz I want to faster finish my course, and move on to study degree and start working otherwise damm broke.. it has been so long since the last time […]

Photos photos

Sorry for not updating. Coz need to watermark all my photos before loading them up.. Haiz.. if the problem still persist then i need to lock up the blog.. I hope not coz very troublesome -__-“ Ok back to the china trip!! Will be loading from day to end of the day I’m in China!!! […]

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