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Jackie’s Cafe Opening and My 5th anniversary

I think everyone is looking forward to this post!! Haha so am I!! I really have a wonderful night on Jackie’s Chan cafe opening ceremony. Really have to thanks to Genecia for inviting me to judge for Miss ASEAN then from there I get to know Simon who is also the partner of Jackie Chan […]

Redken Hairshow

Had fun yesterday at Redken hairshow. Its different from normal runway show. Instead of catwalk, we have to stand at the stage and give various poses within 30mins, and act like a motionless mannequin. After 30mins of posing, we went back stage again, walk over to the glass panel in groups and pose again like […]

Bridal Show

hey hey Happy Monday!! πŸ˜€ Didn’t manage to blog yesterday coz went out with Benny then after that sent my brother to airport for his army trip at 11pm. πŸ™‚ Finally have time to blog! πŸ˜› Some pics on the saturday bridal show at Holiday Inn Hotel πŸ˜€The Special Moments….. The T-stage, I love T-stage.. […]

The Hour Glass Tempus…

Hey!! Finally managed to update because tomorrow working at 8pm instead till 12mn for AMEX. Catch me in some clubbing areas! Hehe think I only go clubbing area for work ya.. seldom go with friends because I don’t like the environment.. I just love to chill and eat supper with my friends! πŸ˜› So see […]

Bridal Show

Hey back from bridal show!! Lucky night shift was cancel, so able to blog the pics up! πŸ˜€ Lets have a look!! My "N" time getting married! πŸ˜€ Event organiser and hotel staff getting prepared..   The walkway   Getting busy preparing..   My makeup artise ~ She's very sweet and pretty!! πŸ˜€ Her name […]

Busy busy part 3,,,,

Nowadays taking very long days before i can blog.. coz very tired after reaching home, need to load photos, edit photos, watermark it and load up to photobucket.. -___-” so today finally have the time to blog!! But it will a very very long post with tons of photos!! Hope you guys can bear with […]

YSL Event, FOX Balloon….

Quite a number of stuff to blog.. πŸ˜› Lets go one by one ba!!NS gf outing with Serene and Wanjing! πŸ˜€ Dated: 20 April 2007, Location: Ramen Ramen next to Plaza SingapuraRamen Ramen!! Nice and affordable price!!My mushroom Ramen!! Serene and WanjingMe, Serene and Wanjing. Not much photos taken coz was very very tired on […]

Miss Singapore Universe 2007

Yesterday went to watch MSU. Thanks to my friend for the invites! πŸ˜› Before going, went over to Vivo, Anne F, to try on gown for the MSU event. Thanks to my friend too for getting me a gown to wear for the event. Anne F is also the sponser for MSU evening wear and […]

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