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Piaget Jazz Collection Party at Capella

Yesterday suppose to meet up with Vanessa for dinner in town but last min changes, both of us have to rush back home and get doll up!  Because Vanessa got a invite from her friend last min to go for Piaget Jazz Collection!  The theme of the party is Jazz… This is real hard! Tried goggling […]

Young Designer Awards @ Heeren

The event happen last month so is quite a late post but better then never right >.< Was invited to judge for the event, semi-final and finals. It was an eye-opening for me. Seeing how a simple top/dress/bottoms can turn into wonders! Hiding your flaws, be in the fashion trend etc.  Congrats to the winner, […]

Advertorial 2

“Let your personality shine through, in the way you dress, speak and carry yourself.” U like this sentence? I like this sentence, because I believe dressing up can bring up your personality and confident level! ilovebeingreal…………is a new blog shop who provides stylish and affordable clothes for our every day life no matter to work […]

Bridal Show @ Vivo

Hihi!!! Did bridal show last weel for Yvonne Creative at Vivo, for the New Paper Wedding Planner. Seems like this month is a bridal month.. haha.. so many bridal shows, going to do one more bridal show this coming saturday for Jazreel Low’s Bridal at Le Merdian Hotel. Lots of updates so lets start!! (Think […]

Bridal Show @ Traders Hotel

Woohoo!! A new week have started! Hope is a good week to start for everyone!Did a bridal show last weekend at Traders Hotel for Yvonne creative. Here comes the pics! Rehearsal.. ~ Little Yixiu The ballroom and table deco Our gowns Busy doing makeup Me! 😀 Genecia and Me The rings.. all jewelleries by TianPo […]

L’oreal Show

Just came back from ITE College East (Simei) after the Loreal Hair show. This event is a media launch of hair design training centre at ITE, jointly set up by ITE and L’oreal. 🙂刚从四美工艺教育学院回来,今天是工艺教育学院联合欧莱雅推出发型设计课程的签约仪式。 I have my hair done yesterday, and again i’m having the bang hair style again. Yap for 3 times I have […]


Finally got the photos from the photographer!! Haha.. But I only can post 2 pics because its copyright and the sports car is just too nice and I just don’t look nice.. haha.. Ok time for pics!! Showing the black and white version of the car. 😀 Guess what position am I with the black […]

Dream wedding…

Just wake up not long from nap, suppose to be studying for my law class test this coming saturday, but weather is too good :X And since i’m suppose to be studying but now I’m blogging.. -,-” Later must really study!! Continue…7. SFW Wrap party at Zouk! 19.10.2007 Yifei called me up few days before […]

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