Actually I think I don’t like school holidays.. 🙁 If provided I’m working almost everyday.. suppose working night shift yesterday but all the sick babies went home, so the ward isn’t so heavy anymore so I was put back to on call again.. so bored… lolz.. Anyway this morning went to Nike Head Quarters to […]

Singing… lalala…

Yesterday is really a KTV/ singing session for me. Cindy(missy) had her birthday celebration at Party World Ochard, my sister book a room also at the same place after her Hall Dinner and Dance. So after Cindy birthday celebration, waited for my sister, Jieshang and my brother to come to continue my KTV session again.. […]

Updates Finally!!!

Finally I get to blog!!! After so long.. ya… I miss blogging.. hehe.. But first, good news.. (since when my blog annouce bad news.. keke.. no bad news :P) Got through casting that I went in the afternoon earlier on, although I told myself NO more event anymore for me coz of the rates and […]


Today is a special day!! Its chinese valentines day!! May all the couples be haapy and loving always! 农历七月初七的夜晚,天气温暖,草木飘香,这就是人们俗称的七夕节,也有人称之为“乞巧节”或“女儿节“ 在晴朗的夏秋之夜,天上繁星闪耀,一道白茫茫的银河横贯南北,争河的东西两岸,各有一颗闪亮的星星,隔河相望,遥遥相对,那就是牵牛星和织女星。 七夕坐看牵牛织女星,是民间的习俗,相传,在每年的这个夜晚,是天上织女与牛郎在鹊桥相会之时。织女是一个美丽聪明、心灵手巧的仙女,凡间的妇女便在这一天晚上向她乞求智慧和巧艺,也少不了向她求赐美满姻缘,所以七月初七也被称为乞巧节。 人们传说在七夕的夜晚,抬头可以看到牛郎织女的银河相会,或在瓜果架下可偷听到两人在天上相会时的脉脉情话。 女孩们在这个充满浪漫气息的晚上,对着天空的朗朗明月,摆上时令瓜果,朝天祭拜,乞求天上的女神能赋予她们聪慧的心灵和灵巧的双手,让自己的针织女红技法娴熟,更乞求爱情婚姻的姻缘巧配。过去婚姻对于女性来说是决定一生幸福与否的终身大事,所以,世间无数的有情男女都会在这个晚上,夜静人深时刻,对着星空祈祷自己的姻缘美满。 有关故事的传说 ~ 七夕节的简介 English version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quite bored at home so decided to do this… ya i know I'm suppose to be studying at this moment.. 😛 This pics.. is the photos […]


***accidentally closed the website when blogging half way!!! No autosave… *** Sianz.. Was typing about cooking earlier on.. lazy to type again.. just go straight to cooking ok 😛 Yesterday cooking supper: Ingrediants: (for 1 share) Noodle, 1 Mushroom, meat, onion, sesame oil, light soy sauce and water. 1. Sliced the onions and mushrooms into small slices. […]


Back from MAC at AMK. Was studying with Jo and Uncle Jerry.. Both of them came so late, I arrived around 930pm, Jo arrived at almost 11 and Jerry arrived almost 12mn.. -,-" Some more Jo said to msg when I'm out of the house so she will go out at the same time also.. […]


今天的主题是“金玉良言!“ 其实, 每当我阅读报纸或周刊, 我都会注意艺人或名人说的“金玉良言。“ 可能你觉得,他们说的未必真,有时候不需要在意或思考他们背后的意思, 只要你认为这句话对你有帮助的, 就值得你去思考。 这一期的 I周刊 就有好几个值得去思考哦! 1. 人生不应回头看,只要明天好过昨天就行了! 2. 有些事,只能一个人做; 有些关, 只能一个人过,有些路啊,只能一个人走。 3.  我不知道人为什么拖泥带水? 也许因为恐慌。害怕失败, 害怕痛苦, 害怕被拒绝, 或只是害怕做一个决定。 4.沟通。 这是我们在人生中学习的第一件事, 好笑的是,当我们长大之后, 开始识字,说话,反而不知道应该说什么, 怎么说想说的话。 你读了后,有什么感想? 不知道他的意思, 可以问我哦! 也希望你能运用这些“金玉良言!“ ~~~~~~~ Today the start of this post is in chinese, have been a long time since I blog it in chinese.. Happen to blog it in chinese, […]


Hehe.. I'm know I'm abit late to wish Singapore happy birthday.. But was not free to blog on that day coz me busy tidying up my "pig" room (coz is in a super duper mess) and dad brought us out to eat for lunch and dinner.. Really having a food feast on that day man!! […]