The Hour Glass Tempus…

Hey!! Finally managed to update because tomorrow working at 8pm instead till 12mn for AMEX. Catch me in some clubbing areas! Hehe think I only go clubbing area for work ya.. seldom go with friends because I don’t like the environment.. I just love to chill and eat supper with my friends! 😛 So see […]

Bridal Show

Hey back from bridal show!! Lucky night shift was cancel, so able to blog the pics up! 😀 Lets have a look!! My "N" time getting married! 😀 Event organiser and hotel staff getting prepared..   The walkway   Getting busy preparing..   My makeup artise ~ She's very sweet and pretty!! 😀 Her name […]

Busy busy part 3,,,,

Nowadays taking very long days before i can blog.. coz very tired after reaching home, need to load photos, edit photos, watermark it and load up to photobucket.. -___-” so today finally have the time to blog!! But it will a very very long post with tons of photos!! Hope you guys can bear with […]

YSL Event, FOX Balloon….

Quite a number of stuff to blog.. 😛 Lets go one by one ba!!NS gf outing with Serene and Wanjing! 😀 Dated: 20 April 2007, Location: Ramen Ramen next to Plaza SingapuraRamen Ramen!! Nice and affordable price!!My mushroom Ramen!! Serene and WanjingMe, Serene and Wanjing. Not much photos taken coz was very very tired on […]

Miss Singapore Universe 2007

Yesterday went to watch MSU. Thanks to my friend for the invites! 😛 Before going, went over to Vivo, Anne F, to try on gown for the MSU event. Thanks to my friend too for getting me a gown to wear for the event. Anne F is also the sponser for MSU evening wear and […]


After working, on my way to Benny’s place, wanted to buy lunch for him, then realise i left my wallet in the mobil1 bag and is with our in-charge.. -__-” Sotong… Think i eat too much of it. Last few weeks i left my makeup stuff in the bag and today is my wallet… Lucky […]

Grand finals for teen of the universe

Finally after so many days of judging, yesterday (sunday 08/04) is the grand final of Little Princess and Teens of the Universe 2007!!Showing u some contestants National costume!! Russia, She got the best National Costume AwardSingaporePhillipinesTalent segment: The Ukrain little contest got 1st runner up (guy) and winner (gal) for talent segment. Their talent is […]

Little Princess and Prince

Today went to Millenia Walk as a judge for Little Princess and Prince pagent as the pagent is held over there. This is the second time I’m doing as a judge, first is for the subtitles for Mr Singapore World and now for the Little kids pagents. Same job different kind of feeling. Kids is […]