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Dad called me on friday night around 9pm while i’m working (On night shift).

Dad: What time you reaching home tmr?

Qi: A.. not sure but will be home late coz i have something tmr. (Best model shoot)

Dad: Your late means how late? Go home and rest for 1 hour and than prepare to go for work also late what.

Qi: A.. Daddy can i call u later, me now busy, taking over report now.. ok bye bye..

Thats how i ended the conversation but i never call back. lol… Coz daddy don’t like me to join this kind of stuff or anything related to modeling coz he scared that i don’t have enough sleep. So i have to keep telling him that do this when i’m still young and have the courage to do so. Like him mah, when daddy is young he also try out alot of stuff, motor bike racing etc.. Hehe..


– Dream Chasers

Was shocked to see my scene on the 2nd last episode!! Coz i thought it will be the last episode.. that was what they told us.. So sad.. i don’t have video recorder, so manage to ask Dylan to record for me. Really thanks alot!!! Almost jump out from my chair. Coz when i saw this, i was in a shocked that i didn’t manage to catch myself properly. For those who miss it coz i told u is at the last episode, i manage to found this at youtube. 🙂

Need to sleep early for tmr shoot for best model before going to work..

Oh ya updates on the preview

Preview / Prejudging Best Model

Date: 24 and 31 May
Location: Club Momo
Free entry for ladies and guys before 11pm
Free flow for ladies coz is ladies night 🙂

C you there. 🙂

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