I’M BACK!!!!!!

Yappie i’m back from night shift le!! My 4 limbs are tired because of filming on Saturday (Best Model) or my job.. have to keep on walking and take parameters for patients for hourly, 2 hourly, 4 hourly kaoz.. my right hand veins is more ‘juicy’ than my left hand because of pumping BP set..

Ya regarding the filming on saturday, we had our shoot at Civic Servant club located at Bukit Batok, here’s their official website http://www.csc.gov.sg/. I had alot of fun, not only did i try to do my make up in the taxi for the first time (coz rush down from work place) and filming our Best Model stuff. I think i’m falling in love with filming although i’m not a good actor or whether anot i look nice anot in the video, i think what i love most is u are expected to do something which is not like u and u have to work well with your partner. 🙂

First i had a group filming, the video man have to keep on changing our position and partner to make sure that we look nice on video. Not only that we have to wait for our bright sunny Mr Sun to come out than we can proceed otherwise we have to do this over again. So finally my partner for the group shoot is kelvin (a.. don;t have his pics). Ok for some reasons, he put alot of baby oil and than he sweat, than he thought that it will be his turn but which is not, than he apply again, sweat again, until when we were praticing our position, i can feel my hand slipping from his shoulder due to too much baby oil.. lol.. just hope my hands and face look nice… hehe..

Secondly is the couple shoot, waited for so long than its my turn, feel like sleeping while waiting coz on night shift mah. So while waiting, we had lunch provided by Bryan 🙂 thank you and chit chat with Ben and James. Than we saw the other swiming pool having the man-made wave, and the children are enjoying themselves. After seeing this, we feel like jump into the pool. In the end James and me really jump into the pool lor -__-”

Not going to describle this in details coz i just can’t help laughing. Is like the video man never tell us what to do before hand, only told us when we are in the water filming, in the end NG 3 times.. -___-” Not sure whether i look nice anot, coz need to make sure we do want the guy want us to do and on the other hand i have to make sure my swim suit doesn’t slip, and my hair doesn’t cover my face, my contect lens doesn’t drop out and my make up still “nice” but i don’t think so..
I don;t think i look glam.. *_*!

After shooting the couple part, James and me share cab home coz he’s lving in Seng Kang and i’m in Hougang so can share cab fare. Need to go home early for my last night shift. So we chat throughtout the ride, than realise that he know 2 of my secondary classmates- Ah boon and Wee Keat.. haha. because they are from the same poly.. (NYP) Singapore too small liao….

Once i reach home call Benny, coz he worried that i will “get lost”, i admit i’m blur but i woudn’t get lost or kenna bully coz i bite also.. Haha.. especially not enough sleep i get temper very easy. Actually i think hor he just feel not safe with me around other guys… Haha… Actually no need to worry coz he eye got “stamp” so he choose me, me not so pretty and damm good figure and blur like sotong.. so no need to worry haha.. Me also eyes got “stamp” haha… lol..

Okok… need to go out le.. Once the video is out i will let u ppl know, but don’t laugh at me ok.. i know i will look stupid…

If any of my sentence doesn’t make sense forgive because

1. I’m after night shift, still half awake
2. Like what Benny says my english not good lor.. (actually i prefer to blog in chinese.. haha)
3. Coz i always talk rubbish…

Lol… enjoy your sunday ok.. coz tmr is Monday… Monday BLUE……

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