Surfing alot of forum lately.. when i go to the relationship thread, there will bound to be a smiliar questions post.

“U prefer to be loved by someone who loves u alot or love someone who doesn’t love you?”

I think everyone will have come across this kind of question…
Already find that human is such a complicated thing, but when comes to relationship espcially LOVE is makes things even worse?

For me i rather not to choose one..

1. Prefer to be loved by someone who loves u alot

What for having a bf which i don’t love him but he loves me alot? Is it fair for both parties?
In the first place why get into a relationship where u doesn’t love the guy at all..

If u tell me is because of money ok fine maybe thats you.. but will u be happy? Seeing the guy that u love (maybe there’s one) is infront of you but u can’t have it, unless u want both of them without each other knowing it. Than ok..

2. loves someone who doesn’t loves you

Is just and opposite of question 1.. just chanbge your position thats all..
hope i wouldn’t get to see this kind of question again..
Human minds tend to get complicated.. me also.. actually change your position or dierection it may not seems so difficult as it is.. Really..


Tired but couldn’t sleep.. bad weather and hungry… anyway need to go for my routine maintience liao.. and than go for work.. night shift..Yappie!!! With Yan Peng.. so long never work with her le..

And i have a photoshoot this coming sat lor.. kaoz i’m on night shift!! Everytime when i have a photoshoot or fliming it must be happen on my night shift!!!

Talk tmr.. Ohya.. weekend is coming and so is GSS!! Have fun shopping ok.

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