I become a model… Hmm.. It started out when I was in ITE nursing, I meet Angel aka KK. She ask me whether I would like to join modeling anot, but I didn’t agree that time, coz at the time I feel that I don’t have the courage, feel that I’m not suitable and lastly I just started out nursing I don’t wish to affect my studies but later which proof me wrong.. Haha..

Than during Year 2004 Jan/ Feb there is a valentines day compeition organise by LIME magazine. AS Benny and I love to join couple contest so we decided to take part. Too bad we wrer not selected but I received a call from them asking me whether am I interested to help them do an editoral about how to become a Model. So I agree to try out, as I got the support from Benny.

So that day I have to go to 4 different modeling agency to have an interview, found out what is each agency needs and what are the things to take note of when you want to go for interview etc.. Below is the pics, which i scan from the magazine.. I feel that i doesn’t look nice on the pics.. lol…Like very pale… (btw, short of middle page.. don’t know where i save.. -0-“)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the 4 modeling agency are Elite, Mannquein, Quest and Carries. Last stop at Carries makes my interview more comfortable and more confidence, not sure is it because before that i have interview for 3 agency le or because the Manager – Jean, put me at ease.

After that interview, Kk came to know about it, can’t remember is it I told her or she found out. So once again she ask me again whether want to go down to Modelinque for an interview. So I agree. Finally pick up the courage. 🙂

Thats how I started out modeling. Along the way I really have to thanks alot of people, like Benny, KK, Photgrapher Danny who teach me alot and help in my first portfolio free and great friends around. Who encourage me and accompany me. 🙂

So far I’m happy although not alot of assignment that can make me become a full time model (and i don;t think i can be damm good to become a full time one) but after joining modeling, I realise that I really enjoy the limelight when i’m on stage and so inlove with cameras.. Haha..
It just something different when I’m young and have the courage. Sometimes when I think back i was like ok, what am i thinking at that point of time, espcially when i don’t dare to wear swim wear on the stage but I actually did it and when am on stage I didn’t actually think much.. Haha.. Maybe i was like thinking “U dare to see i dare to wear lor. ” Haha.. Abit stupid lor..

Ok thats all for today. Good night and have a nice Wednesday tmr..

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