First night..

Still on computer at this hour.. 🙁 not enough sleep liao.. kaoz.. anyway this morning is a mess!! Coz we have an exercise where my ward got one suspected cases, so this group of ppl will come to our ward to check whether did we do our infection control etc properly. Just to be prepared in case the bird flu spread.. hehe.. But i’m glad i’m working night.. coz after helping out the morning staff abit or patients care.. i feel that is realy very messy.. Dotors making rounds, nurses start preparing, case sheet flying all over.. -__-” Lol… but this is the best part.. coz u will see the best team work. 🙂

Ok 2 more pics from Club Momo.. taken by the photographer there, pics taken from 🙂

The guy is kk friend’s who is also the contestant, he’s 2nd runner up for the Hunks Search. 🙂
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My buys from yesterday… Hope Benny won’t scold me after he came back from army and read this post.. But i got save ok.. already transfer money to another account, just to make sure i don’t over spend. 🙂

2 tops from 2 different taiwan auction and bag from Old Navy. 🙂 Total damage about less than $80.. 🙂
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Gals must doll up and sometimes spend alittle to pamper themselves than we will feel more pretty and happier mah.. (finding excuses.. kaoz..)

Ok stop here liao..need to have some sleep, otherwise i’ll fall asleep together with all my patients. Have a good weekend. 🙂

**Is this blogskin better? Don;t wish to change blogskin if this one suits me bah. :)**

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