But from night shift…. yap i’m on night shift again… Hehe.. Nice nice. 🙂 Nothing much happening on my night shift except for one difficult relatives. Lazy to explain what excatly happen but hope tonight it wouldn’t happen again.

Yesterday went out with Benny, to cancel may bank account, coz we seldom use it and we plan to another bank to save our money. After that went to NTUC main branch to find out more on the policy that his mom bought for him when he’s young and also to meet his insurance agent to find out more about the insurance he want to buy and etc. After that he accompany me to go for my casting. Don’t think can get the job coz i feel uneasy when i go there. Don’t know why. Anyway later on still got another casting. -___-” You know what there is a hate and love relationship between me and casting. Why can’t jobs to be confirm between agency and them…

I think i’m going to start talking rubbish.

I miss going out with my friends. One month gathering seems not enought for me, but is unbearable for my wallet… -__-” will grow broke very fast….

Alot of things i haven’t done, alot of stuff i’m waiting for…

– Tidy up my room (ya i know.. it seems like i have been tidying up room for ages..)
– Setting a new webby for my lelong stuff (bags, shoes, earrings, books and clothes..(ya have been planning to do this for ages also)
– Waiting for photos Kimage and Redken Hair show
– Waiting for my modeling pay
– Waiting for my pay
– Waiting for my progress package
– Waiting for my VS stuff to arrived

So many waiting……

Lastly… one photo to end my entry today….

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Benny and me… U know what… seriously he need to gain weight.. and i need to have more beauty sleep..

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