First Night…

Finish my first night with Ah Chen in front room. So far ok, admitted 2 cases, both is our ex patient and 1 of them always come back for the same problem. So putting up their care instructions is easy. Lucky 2 new cases are quite stable and easy, so Ah Chen have time to help out back room (actually not much coz patient pass away). Lucky not my room, otherwise I’ll go moody again..

Nothing special during my night shift. Suddenly feel that actually i like to do night shift not only have extra allowance (ok only about $3 meal allowance is happy for me liao.. better than nothing) and no need to face the people that i don’t wish to face (me back in PR). The bad part is sometimes if I have modeling assignment which may crushes with my night shift, coz i start at 9pm. Thats the bad part. Otherwise night shift is nice.. me also started to like casting and fashion shows. Initially I don’t like casting because I seldom or never get selected before, but since this year, so far went to 4 casting, all selected… shiok right…

AS for fashion show, because I love the glamour and attention while I’m on stage, image all the audience sitting below, all eyes are on you. Although there is abit of stress coz afraid walk haif way u trip or the timing not right, but once i feel the glamour, all this overcome my stress. And i also like the feel the rush of going back stage to change to the next outfit and out u go. Espcially the Thatchers Fashion Show, change 6 outfits altogther.. Its nice…

Maybe is just me bah, don;t like the usual 9-5 job and can’t sit still. Like the feeling of busy and rush. Maybe thats why Dear always complain why I seems so busy.. Coz I like it.. Haha…
Anyway must make sure have enough rest also, otherwise age faster also. hee…

Ok thats all for today, have fitting at 6pm for fashion show next month.. can’t wait for it. Oh ya, the bad part for modeling is waiting for the pay, have to wait for at least 1 month.. Kaoz… broke liao lah… 🙁


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