Yesterday watch 2 Become 1 with Dear. A nice movie, not only shows the stage of poeple reaction and emotion when they know about their sickness, it also shows people refuse to seek the correct treatment. Its true and touches heart.

Ask Benny what happen if one day i have breast cancer.. will you be able to accept? But actually think about it, ask also no use, coz now my figure also not that fantastic so no difference.. Haha…
But seriuosly what happen if one day your gf, wife or you yourslef have breast cancer, will u be able to accept the difference?

Take some time to watch the movie bah.. very meaningful.

I love the songs.. Here is the lyrics…


I know that you’ve been watching over me
You’re up so high, the brigtest in the sky
You know that every night I pray my soul for you
Tomorrow won’t be as blue
Girl I hope you can understand
That the sun will always shine again
Now that you’ve find your way onto a better day
You’ll shine again
Give you strength and love to fight the days ahead
I see the light
See a rainbow
See the beauty that’s within you
You’ll shine again
You are so beautiful…

I love the chinese lyrics better.. but something wrong with my chinese microsoft..
Suppose to blog in chinese in this post, coz dear still said my english no improve… 🙁
I feel that i’m more expressive using chinese bah….

Here is what Ying Ying do for me today…

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @

Nice.. Hee… i also going to do one for myself,,, heee….

Have been rotting at home.. nothing to do, nobody ask me out.. 🙁 sian……………….

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