Supposed to type the no of outing, but i miss count liao… -___-” We’ve had so many outings 🙂 and i just love it, sharing with them the joy, laughter and sorrows. To me, friends are very important, so all of them are my good friends, actually come to think of it, i probably don’t have a close gal friend that most gals are supposedly supposed to have. For me every single one of my friends is a good friend to me. If i need friends to talk, i will see who is available and which of them will give me proper advice according to how well i know them. Maybe that’s my character or Leo’s character?? I don’t know. So i love to organise outing, be it nurses, secondary schools friends, primary and my ” army” gals friends. I just love my friends.. MUACKZ…. okok.. must said this… I love you dear too… otherwise he get jealous… (coz as usual the blur sotong me, go and organise an outing at saturday, the day which he book out.. and we can’t meet, he’s upset… 🙁 )

Ok back to our outing. Our outing today is actually quite simple, coz some of us have plans later or next day. We meet up at Mr Bean to have a nice and sweet dinner.. ok the food is quite affordable… lucky… the fish and chip and chicken chop etc is only between $12.80-$14.80. Their set lunch and dinner is the best but too bad, is not served during weekends. While waiting for Ah woan, Yan peng and Sue ching to arrived, sumita, cindy, andrea and me ordered some finger food to ease our hunger first… (hungry man is an angry man u know… haha).

The rest of the gals arrived 15 mins later, so we started to order our main course, i ordered pepper chicken chop and just plain water (must save money.. 🙂 ) . Is nice.. i like the sauce although is abit spicy for me so i have to keep on drinking water.. ya, i don’t take spicy food. So we ate and enjoy ourselves, talk alot of rubbish and this Yan Peng actually laugh until her tears flowing.. Hee…

After eating we went oppposite Paradize Centre to play pool. I don’t know to play, so i just help to “chalk” the pole and do “opening ceremony”. Hee… They only played for 2 rounds and we took quite a number of photos before Sue Ching went for her night shift duty.

So left Sumita, Cindy, Ah Woan, Yan Peng and me. We headed down to PS – Starbucks to have our drinks and a short chit chat. We left the place around 9plus as Yan Peng working morning shift, Ah woan need to go home early, Cindy meeting Ting (her friend) and i have to go home and rest early. Tomorrow i’ll need to go to Loreal and have my hair-do done before my hair show on this tues. It will be at Suntec conventional hall 604, 7pm. I don’t know whether it is open to the public or not.

Foot note:

Ok going to stop here le. Need to rest. Sorry to some of my readers as i know u like to see pics, but lately i’m not able to post up alot of pics because, i’m waiting for my friends to send or burn me the photos. Thats the problem when my camera is spoiled. 🙁 So please be patient and i will post it up. 🙂

U know what today, i was quite angry and upset. I don’t know what to do and i don’t think i can do anything. Maybe to her i’m not her good friend, maybe just a normal friend, maybe a passerby which just leave footprint in her life with no or little memories. What ever advice given to her, it doesn’t seems to go through her. I know the things she go through is unbearable, but what ever happen has happen neither of the solution will help to change to what original suppose to be. I have to admit that i’m not good at words, i’m harsh or maybe direct, but i feel that denial stage is over, facts is the one she have to face. I scared she will do something stupid. I will be very angry coz i hate ppl do something foolish. Like i said maybe i don’t have the right to say, maybe i’m just not so close to her. Actually only she can help herself. Or i really don’t know. It hurts me to see my friends upset.. (the reason why my phone is on for 24 hours ever since during secndary school time one of my friends call me up to talk about her problems. ) I like the previous her..

I’m wonder what hair style i will be having.. anyway i think all the hair show have some problems with me.. coz ever since my first hair show… my outfit is all quite punk and sexy… my figure is not that fantastic lor.. -___-” anyway hope it will be a nice one.. Blog again tmr.. with photos. 🙂

Night night… Have a nice Sunday..


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