Sorry for not blogging for such a long time.. Busy working night shift, casting, doing my hair… blah blah.. Wanna see my hair do…Haha.. have to wait lor..This will be the 3rd year that I’m doing for Kimage… Really enjoy working with them, since we know each other le, and thanks god.. they never cut my hair like last time. Hee… Can’t wait for the photos to be out.

Don’t know whether is it because nowadays weather is untolerable or something is wrong some where (Don’t know where!). There have been alot commit sucide cases. Really don;t understand. Tell u the truth, u wouldn’t die by drowning yourself with so many pills. U will hurt your liver, not cure, the suffer is not now is later when u grow old.

Whne u said u can’t live without the guy or can’t carry on living because of the blow u take, THATS STUPID!!! Ok i’m harsh but please FACE IT! Do u ever think before whether they guy thinks this way? NO! But in actual facts, is GUYS CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT GALS! But how come they don;t behave what some gals to like 1. cry 2. make a big fuss 3. Hang herself?

Because guys need gals to prove themselves that they are guys, by having alot of relationship at a go, without gals, how are they going to show to their friends ” i change i new gf, I’m a guy which gals will like me blah blah!”

Ok now guys may said, u gals doll up just to let guys see that also consider that u can’t live without guys! WRONG! YA i admit that last time i used to think this way. I doll up nicely, is for my bf or some guys out there to notice me. But seriously is wrong. Now i doll myself up is to gain confidence, make myself look good, and of coz gals are meant to be pampered! So what for doing up so nicely just for your guy? Is for yourself gals.

Can’t forget him, doesn’t mean u have to show it infront of his face or make yourself miserable. U cry doesn’t mean u will feel for you, care or come back to you. Crying after a break up is normal. But is not normal when u start to loose weight / gain weight or is affecting your life. When u are toturing yourself what is the guy doing? Enjoying, life is happy and worst he’s hugging a gal but that gals i not you so what for? Does not worth it, the guy wouldn’t come back to you, even if he come back, do u still want an irresponsible guy? Don;t patch back just for the sake of patching back, same as marriage, DON”T MARRY JUST FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING MARRY! Somethimes when things happen before u got maaried is a blessing in disguse. What happen if this kind of things happen during your marriage? DON”T EVER THINK THAT YOU CAN CHANGE A GUY! If a guy have a record of being a flirt or change gf like nobody business, do u think because of you he will change completely? Know i don’k think so. If he can do this to the previuos gf, be prepared that he can do thi to u too.

Asking to forget is totally impossible, coz memories will always be memories, it will not fade off, is whether you can except the truth and step out your first step. Either u throw away the stuff he gave, or lock it up. If too expensive, trade in or sell it off to a new one.

One day make sure when u are standing infront of him, prode, pretty, confidence and don;t break down in front of him.

Your friends around you can only help that much, by lending u their listening ears, be there when u are feeling down, but they can’t erase the person from your memories. What ever has over is over le, the rest id up to the broken heart to think whether they plan to behave like a wither flower or a bight, strong sunflower.

Ok thats alkl… my eyes is closing.. Good night..
Btw, I will be ordering Victoria Secret stuff at this coming monday. Those who want to ride on just dive me a sg at
[email protected] 🙂 After this will be Old Navy!! Oh ya forget to mention!!! Finally my Old navy stuff have arrived to VPOST!!! Ya this is the ‘N’ times that i have ttrying to take order.

Will post once items arrived! Only one belt, coz the tees i want price has increase! 🙁 arrgh)
Good night,,, guys are welcome to comment if any of the ubove hurts u!


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