First Night….

Just came back not long from first night. Not a very nice night for me. As one of my favourite and long term patient has pass away at 3am. Feel very very upset. I hate it when i have [atient pass away during my shift. I think the last time since my patient pass away during my shift was last year Nov. While attending to the patient, me trying very hard to hold back my tears. Trying very hard.. glad that i didn’t cay. First time, not to mention during student time my first death encounter. Actually before she pass away the past few days. Her condition was boderline, but suddenly one day she woke up and ask for food. she was wide awake, and she can tell you that she has pass motion etc. At first i thought she is really getting back to health but on second thought i feel that she may not be getting better. I think some of you have ever hear “Hui Guan Fan zhao”? Have experience this a few times. So i told Ah Woan about my thinking. She ask me to shut up.. -_-” I think both of us wouldn’t want her to go, coz there is bond between the patient and us. Ya i like her dimple… Anyway…

Not sure how long will i take to over come this kind of emotion. Not very good for mental health.. Hiaz… Okok enough of bad thoughts… have been so moody for the pass few days… Thanks for the concern…

PAss few days have been thinking of some chinese poems or song of coz again created by me.. Haha.. This time round espcially for Benny.. Coz i never gave him anything on his birthday.. Coz i’m broke.. YA partly his fault… Keep on telling me where got sales… When i said don;t want, he will explain how fantastic is the offer.. -_-” Power right…

Ok let see my Poems or Songs, or whatever you want to call.. Delicated to Benny..

你不用英俊潇洒, 只要能见的了人
你不用家财万冠, 只要能养的了我
你不用肌肉块块, 只要好抱就好
希望我是个好老婆, 你是好老公
当我们白发苍苍, 皮肤皱皱
我们还是手牵手, 甜甜蜜密

Who want to translate to english for me???

Thats all for today… tired need to sleep.. 2 more nights to go and here i come Disney On Ice!!!!


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