Suddenly got a alot of casting to go… but dunno whether can get the jobs anot.. Sianz… Today my mood goes up and down.. like rollar coaster.. don;t know why… i think when a person is alone and who tends to think alot shouldn’t listen to radio whereby u get to listen all those sad, happy or bitter love songs… will tend to think alot.. so unhealthy..

Or me getting PMS early?? Sian….

Update again… soon… tired… have been thinking alot lately… i think too much of rubbish le.
After listening to so many songs.. and stories.. i create a special poem for myself…
sorry ah me more well verse in chinese…

Just go to view and change your encoding bah..


Me ahga ahga translate… (who can do it better for me?)

Can’t help falling in love with you
But i don;t have the rights to have you
Because of my the other half
All i can say
The one i love most is not you…

Whatever… ok… somebody please tell me i’m too bored…


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