Today is another boring day for me, my 5th day of annual leave. Today i woke up early, as today is the released of ‘O’ Level English. This time round is my 2nd time to retake my english. Been stting infront of the computer since 12pm. Can’t wait for my results to be out. Yar i know results will only be out at 230pm, but i just feel anxious. Hee.. Finally, 230pm le, but dad was using the computer to do his photos, only manage to get to see my results around 3pm. Praying hard, hoping that i will pass my english. After keying in my PIN no, I started screaming, almost crying out. I PASS LE!!! Haha… My mom had a shocked, she was sleeping in the living room. She complained that i disturb her sleep, coz later on she have to attend classes, but she is happy that i pass my english. Though not very well type. Hee…

After that i msg Serene to accompany me to register Dip in Nursing in Nee Ann on Monday. Sister also called me up to check how was I. MUACKZ!! I also msg Benny, but he didn’t reply.. 🙁 Still in the army.. Now looking for someone who can accompany to go Nanyang Poly to apply. I really lost touch on how to apply for course. Thanks alot for those who have help me. Muackz…

I have created a mail for my blog. So any one who want to email me can email at this address

[email protected]

No pranks, spam or dirty stuff. Hmm.. don’t ask me whether i have msn anot, i do have but its only for my closed friends. I can’t manage so many windows at a time. So anything just email me ok.

Today i will be cooking dinner, mom going for lesson. So see you ppl late at night. Hope by the next blog, i will be able to receive some of my photos le. Have a happy dinner. 🙂


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