Today had a photoshoot at Sentosa with one of the clubsnap photographer – Thomas.. So far so good… Haha… Can’t wait to see the pics… The bad part is while shooting half way it starts to rain, so not much location to shoot. He was planning to shoot one of the scene, which the building was deserted. The building was quite popular for taking pics, but too bad when we reach there. we realised the place is demolished.

Oh yar, while we were at the vistor arrival centre.. Something happen which makes me feel happy and shocked. While i’m planning to left the place, i heard footsteps behind me saw i turn around and saw 4 japanese student (they are in their uniform so i know lor), walking fast at my direction. I thought they want to ask for directions, but turn out that they would like to take photos with me. At first I thought i was thinking too much, so i confirm with her again, she was like nodding her head, coz she don’t speak english well. Ok so i was like excited and happy, i agree. At first they stand far away from me coz they are shy so i signal them to stand closer and one of the gal scare to stand to near me coz i’m too tall, i think they are upper primary bah. So altogether got 4 of them so got 4 cameras, after taking and saying bye bye, we all left. Than Thomas realised one thing – We forgot to use his camera to take… Shit! Not pics for memories liao. When i told my mom, she said i should have ask for the email. Faint… No point liao.. I keep this memories to myself.. Haha..They thought i was some stars… But i think once they went back to their country, or some how they will realised that i’m not.. Lol…

Ok lar thats all for today. Need to go back to sleep. Btw, the finals contestants of Glamour Quest is out.. Must support my friends ok. Me not in ah…. Don;t support wrong person.. Haha…



Ok for the gals, is the one standing behind, in the middle, her name is Tabatha. I got to know her during the compeition and get quite close during the compeition.

AS for the guys, is the one standing on the extreme left sleeveless. He is the one i meet during the Hinda Urshering. Don;t know why guys pics, turn out to be abit blur blur de?

Ok the details of the Finals as below. I will be there to support them, so if anyone of you see me there, is ok to say hi to me. I won’t bite, i ROAR!! Haha… (Coz horoscope – LEO)…

24 February 2006 [email protected] Plaza Singapura Atrium at 8pm – 10pm!!

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