3rd post for today… Can see how bored i’m.. Shouldn’t have take leave for this week. My leave suppose to be last week, but one of colleagues need to go Philipines to get married so no choice have to give it to her.

When people feel bored or lonely they tends to think alot, no matter whether your mood is happy or sad. It really affects me. I will tend to think about stuff which may not happen or thinking about those novels that i have read. Espcially when i love to read chinese novels, they way they express the feelings towards love is just so touching and makes you wonder, what happens if this thing happens to me will i feel this way? Think too much… arrgh!!


?石有分真假; 幸福相??是人生中的??”





Hope i can have a early sleep tonight… Having photo shoot tomorrow at Sentosa… Hope it turns out well…. Night night… May u have the sweetest dream tonight….

Btw, if u can’t see the chinese wordings, go to view – encoding – chinese simplified.


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