Secondary School Gathering!

01/01/2006 is a very memorable day for me, not because is a new year, a freash new start but its also the day where finally our A51 had a gathering!! We meet up at Cafe cartel around 7pm to had our dinner. I were really very surprise that most of them turn up, total of about of us. Mei Qin said that this time round of gathering organised by me was a success. I’m really very happy to see most of them turn up! Lets see, since last time i was the class monitress i need to do attendance checking, lets do one now!

Present Absent

1. Qing Ying 1. Zhong Yu
2. Chor LIn 2. Kian Boon
3. Mei Qin 3. Li Xia
4. Fang En 4. Susan
5. Zi Lan 5. Colin
6. Xiaoqi 6. Jing Rong
7. Heng Heng 7. Wei Min
8. Wee Keat 8. Kelvin
9. Hui Min 9. Fang Fang
10. Zhi Hao 10. Yan Peng (Kai wen)
11. Yeow Kwang 11. Chee Ming
12. Zi Yang 12. Fidelis
13. Zi Bin 13. Joleen
14. Vincent 14. Yong Siang
15. Boon Pu 15. Yong Yao
16. Alvin

Not bad la, at least half of the class turn up. Hee….
But one bad thing is forget to take group photo… Kaoz… Only manage to take “left overs” coz Heng Heng, Wee keat went to Pub, Hui Min need to work, Zhi Hao have something on, and etc. So left Yeow Kwang, Me, Zilan, Qing Ying, Mei Qin, Zi bin, Boon Pu, Alvin, Ziyang and gf. We went to Starbucks located at California Fitness to have chit chat, we went off around 1130pm.
Meeting up with them is really a nice things… (here are some with great changes)

Heng Heng — Change a lot, he become quite “on” keep wanting us to go pub with them, will pay for the drinks etc, but in the end never go la, coz some of us abit broke, need to pay cover charge mah.

Wee Keat — Lose alot of weight and become more handsome, haha..

Yeow Kwang — Surprise that he still the same, talk and ask alot of stuff!!!

Hui Min — Become more nicer, better guy, can’t imagine the first time i seat beside him, he’s full of #$%^&*, but now, better!! Hee…

AS for the gals, nothing much bah, maybe because we will see each other once in a while, during christmas and the recent one, Qing Ying’s ROM.

Pics time!!

Image hosted by
The gals

Image hosted by
Qing Ying and Me (show case zilan HP, can’t re what model is that, i oly know is motorola, flat and pink)

Image hosted by
Yeow Kwang and Me (Since young sharing one bed!!, kaoz..)

Image hosted by
Alvin and me, He’s seems like a quiet guy, but when he starts to talk, he’s funny and he’s shy also. Haha..

Image hosted by
Gropu photo taken at starbucks (Zibin and Ziyang refused to be in the photos, dunno why??)

Ok thats all about the gathering, really wish to meet up often! WE really talk about, school lifes, school songs, who is interested in who, who we have match make etc.. those where the days!


Still uploading the video clips.. coz it takes 1 hour plus to upload, me very sleepy le… tmr than upload.

Btw, i have set up a new forum , this forum is purly for fashion talks, latest trend, as some of you know the recent happenings to Flowerpod, the ex-mods and some of the gals have recret a new gals forum and

Can see the difference in it bah. Welcome to support the 3 forums. 🙂


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