Really thanks alot to these people who help me, Aya, passerby (haha i know who u r ok, u r really my good teacher :P), Cynthia, Anna Marie and Cindy. Really thanks alot. BIG MUACKZ MUACKZ for you gals haha..

Anyway, feel great coz elven going to start AE spree soon and there are a few tees i’m going to buy, hee… will show pics once confirm liao.. haha… And thanks to ying ying, i bought this pair of earrings!!

Image hosted by

Nice?? Haha.. Ying makes me feel even better.. lol… But i think wait for Benny to come back and we shop at Esprit with his friend than i even more happy!!! Haha.. Thinking liao, coz after his SISPEC POP he will have about 1 week of leave so can make use of the leave to shop at ESPRIT and buy christmas present for friends etc…. lol thinking how to spend my days man!! Anyway Yanpeng wedding is coming, haha.. i’m so excited!!! Can wait!!! This few days was talking to her (msn) really can feel the fear, happiness and excited feelings with her.. haha.. Dunno why, like i’m the one going to get married. Faint..

Nothing much to blog liao, except after talking to Cynthia, she make me cry again than she make me laugh again. Lol… anyway really we have to thanks to our Sister (nurse manager) to put us togethr for the last year DnD, Mr n Miss SGH comnpeition, we suffer, work, happy and pull through together. HUGZ!!!

Okay time to do my other stuff liao. 🙂

Hope ur day will be better than mine!! Good night!!

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