Meet Sue Ching around 7am to take a cab down to Bartly Secondary School for our exam. Feel abit stress and tired, trying to squeeze in whatever i can from the book that Benny has ask me to read. Of course not successful lar, how to squeeze.. burn and drink it?? Haha.. lol…

Anyway the composition was abit hard, but manage to finish it, but not sure whether enough words anot coz at first i wrote about 420 plus of words. Than i rewrite again coz my handwriting is damm big.. by the time i almost write finish, times up already, so i have to cropped away my last paragraph which i about 30 words. Than along the way when i rewrite i add some words and minus some words also. No time to count. Just hope that i did write more than 350 words bah. PRAY HARD!!!

After the composition than comes the comprehension. The comprehension is quite easily, thats how we felt, but its also quite dangerous, coz easy means tricky lor.. But now worried too much also no use, so after our exam we went to a nearby coffeeshop to have our lunch first before going to work place to meet up Ah Woan, Ah Chen and Shan for dinner, and Sue Ching need to settle her roster.

After finish their work we went to PS to eat ramen and shop for awhile.While shopping half way my mom saw me give me a shocked by standing so close to me! She happen to be there to by some stuff from spotlight for her kindergarden children performance. Talk some crap to my mom about my friends that we gals went off to proceed to take some neoprints and my mom go to spotlight. At the neoprints there, We are like crazy people! Coz we don’t take neoprints so often so not very familiar how they operate, so we just anyhow press for the background etc, so far not bad. But we blur sotong, after taking the first neoprints we faster went to the screen there and wait to decorate the pics, but was wondering why took so long, than we realised that is at the other side -_-” so faster rush over in the end still left out 2 pics not decorate. 🙁 But still not bad. So we proceed to take another one. The 2nd machine is very tiring, because it has 2 camera one on top and on below. So the camera will take radomely, so we have to like one sec standing up, the other sec squatting or sitting down on the floor.. so tired but we were enjoying ourselves. After that we shop for awhile, shopping half way my mom saw me give me a shocked by standing so close to me! She happen to be there to by some stuff from spotlight for her kindergarden children performance. Talk some crap to my mom about my friends that we went off to proceed

After taking, we went to starbucks to see our neoprints and talk crap after that we left the place around 830pm bah. Cause Shan need to go home early and 2 of the gals are working morning shift. So Sue and me took train home and we had a walk at Pasar Malam beside Hougang Mall before going home.

Quite a tired day today. Oh yar, while i was waiting for the gals to finish work Benny called!! So happy. Finally finish his 2 dyas of tough training. Talk to him for awhile but end up have a short quarrel. I think thats always happen when we don’t have much time to talk. 🙁

Anyway just want to see him on sat and sun. Miss him lots!!

OK pics time!!! (oh yar using paint to write coz no photoshop, so not so good har)

Image hosted by
Sue Ching Stress… Dun have my stress pics, coz wish to smile.. lol…

Image hosted by
Me after the exam… lol.. look funny??

Image hosted by
First neoprint

Image hosted by
2nd neoprint

Image hosted by
Waiting for them.. Haha… Chen look quite ??? coz candid shot.. Ah woan doing free advert for SUPER Bird Nest

Image hosted by
Our side dishes….

Image hosted by
Our Ramen…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Both of them trying out my retro glasses!!

Image hosted by
My favorite!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Forever friends… Muackz….

Ok nitez nitez ppl.. need to sleep liao.. have a nice thursady tmr. 🙂

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