Tomorrow is my “O” Level English Exam..Having mixed feeling now, stressed, excited and worried. Really hope this time round i can make it through, so that i’m able to proceed to study my Diploma in Nursing.

This past few years Dear have been trying to brush up my English, but some how is not very successful. Hmm.. Do u guys feel that? I love chinese alot, have been my main language for the past 20 over years. I love to compose some short poems or lyrics in chinese ( a little secret in my booklet). Maybe thats the reason why i was ended up my english compo failed, because i tend to think in chinese and direct translate it in english.

Now I’m not in a good state to think properly. Need to sleep. Meeting up with Sue Ching at 7am to take our test. Pray hard that i can make it this time round. Dear is not with me… can’t hear his voice… in army having his training, only able to call me on the 4th day, today is only the 2nd day. Feeling sad.. But thanks to Ying ying.. thanks for your encouragement!! It really makes me feel better. Jia You…!!!

Blog tomorrow after i finish y exam. 🙂

Sweet dreams and may your dreams come true!! Muackz..


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