Back from night shift since thursday, but find no time to blog coz a lot of things going on (actually not really lar… just shopping for shoes only… haha…) and went back to work on Ssturday.

So far work has been quite good, as I’m working with my good pals Puay Chen and Ah Woan. Although Ah Woan is not working with me in a same room, but the feeling is great coz when ever u meet some shit that u need some one to talk to at least u know that u have friends there for u.

Anyway I also get to know that we got pay increment for this year, when i read the headlines i almost jump in joy but when i read the details i almost fainted!! Our pay increment is based on our performance. Grade from 1 – 4. Rating 4 as in the lowest with no pay increment and rating 3 starting from 2.7% of our salary and up. Yap 2.7!! Of coz me only work 1 year so can’t be rating 2 or 1, of coz rating 3. So after calculation i only have only less than $50 of increment!! Faint !!! Can’t even cover my one month transport fare. But what else can we say, ah woan said better than nothing lor. Yar better than nothing!!..

Although the news make me happy and upset but i also have another piece of good news!! Haha.. But i will only disclose after i get it!! That will be Thursday bah!! Feel so happy!! Is like is it real?? Ok fine, i know, to some of my friends this is not my first time liao, but i still feel very excited!!! The first time that i ever feel unreal and shock is i ever won a $500!! Haha… Okok… better don’t talk to much about it, will let u guys know ok!!

need to stop here liao.. going to watch my favourite show!! My Date with Vampire 3!!! See ya..

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