Just got back from work. Had my first night today. So far quite ok, but better to put my finger cross. Nothing special on my first night, except meet 1 idiot doctor.

Actually my room was quite settle except for 1 new case which was admitted in the afternoon, so we didn’t call for the doctor. My in charged even took patients blood, not wanting to call him. But 1 of my patient wanted medication to aid in her sleeping, as she had a thomas splint traction over her head, hanging her leg high up, she was in pain. What make matter worse, she had a tracheostomy, she keep on coughing her way. We have to do suctioning for her now and them to ease her comfort. She has been like this for few nights since the traction was set up. Of cause we got no choice but to call the doctor, since patient is always on this medication every night but it was order stat every time, not prescrible in her daily dose.

So my in charged called him. Not sure what he was doing at that moment. But he was so inpatient, and make a big fuss about it. So my staff told him that he has to come up anyway as he has one group and cross match blood to take, so he can ink up the medication at the same time. All of the sudden he said “go to die”. My staff was like ????, why must he make such a harsh remarks. Do u think patient want it this way, imagine, the patient keep on coughing, her leg is in pain, once in a while we have to do suctioning and have to give her ventolin every 4 hours. She even cough out her tracheo in the afternoon. Tell me how a person going to sleep like this. Some more she has operation tomorrow.

We never ask him to serve, we didn’t even call him to take blood, just 1 group and cross match which we are not allow to take. He just have to write it down when he come to our ward to take blood. What is so difficult that he have to make such remarks.. So idiot!!!

Hope tonight we will have a good house man on call. Ok.. time to sleep.. tired… Hug Hug…have a good weekdays!!!


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