VOA Webby Beta preview @ Chinablack-the club

Hi people, i will be selling the tickets for the events. If u wanna go please contact me, if you have my contact no OR email me at [email protected] , RE: ChinaBlack ticket.

Details As below.

Tickets selling at $16 if you buy from me,
other wise it will be $18 if you buy on the spot on that day.

Ticket is valid from 7 pm – 10 pm.
Ticket not valid after 11 pm
Show Start at 8;30 pm
Ticket holder can stay till club end.
Please to be there before the show start to receive goodies bag and registration.

Events details As below:

Website Beta preview @ ChinaBlack
Valley of Arts Beta Where Arts Meet
30th Sept 205 (Fri), 7pm to 10 pm

830 pm BodyArt Display & Hair Art Display (JeanYip Group)
Drumming Display By Mr Kenny Hogan
Jrock Band, Hair Art/ Styling Demo
Introduction of VOA
Hip Hop Dance 1
Jazz Dual Unplugged (Echo Music)
Salsa Dance (Raymond Lau)
Hip Hop Dance 2
Jazz Dual Unplugged 2 (ESC)
Hip Hop Dance 3
Display items (Nail Art, Hair Art, Cosplayer’ costume & props)
930 pm End


Valley of Arts Beta, Where Arts Meet
About Valley Of Arts (voa)
voa.sg is a new and dynamic website founded by a group of artists & IT professionals who share common interests in all fields within the arts and entertainment industries.

Using all our knowledge, contacts and experiences, we will be providing you the most up to date and comprehensive source of information about Singapore’s arts industry & entertainment available on the web today.

As arts & entertainment sectors are one of which will draw the most attraction and attention both local and oversea, by combing them together, definitely will attract crowd from the two sectors. The website will also serve as an Arts Outreach to the crowd and youths that frequent entertainment spots and enjoys nightlife.

The Main Objectives of V.O.A. are
? To expose, promote, inspire & share the greatness of arts, its vibrancy & excitement with others

? To support & assist independent artist(s), local arts groups & non-profit organizations.

By working closely with local arts groups and related organizations, bars, restaurants, record labels, night clubs, promoters, fashion labels on a weekly basis, first hand knowledge of what is happening and understanding of the youth market of Singapore.

This is the market that V.O.A. clearly knows and understands, providing our clients with insight and direction into how they should be positioned and marketing for a positive return As a event management company which also in-house design services, we provide services of co-ordinating, setting up events and doing web base advertising for companies.

At the Valley of Arts (VOA) www.voa.sg User(s) are able to

? receive updates of local arts groups
? create friends & arts community network
? participate in online arts contest(s)
? buy & sell item(s) in the Valley’s Bazaar
? purchase ticket(s) of upcoming concerts
? post & share poetry
? discover rare collectibles
? receive tutorial notes
? attend arts workshop(s)
? become a volunteer
? join arts group(s)
? attend members gathering & parties
? and many others…

Receive updates & info Members of the website able to know, exchange pictures, blog and post bulletin with other members.
Online Purchases Members able to purchase ticket(s) of upcoming performances, arts related parties and events online at special rate.
Online viewing Members able to view short video clips put up by local arts groups (non-profit org, schools and others) & VOA members Special Discount & Joint Promotions Members will be receiving special discount deals from ourpartner(s) and supporters
Art Gallery Online art exhibition of artists. Artist(s) able to displays and sell their artworks here Online Contest Short stories, Poetry, Short video clips, animation

Give ne a call or drop me an email to buy the tickets ok. 🙂



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