Lately has been listening Andy Lau’s new chinese album which i have bought it last month. Waited for so long for him to release chinese album. Its very nice. Espcially the lyrics. Past few years Andy Lau have been doing music which he like, not following the trend like hip hop, r&b etc. Thats what i like. In this new album, he wrote about 6 out of 10 songs. Yap, its all about love.

Love is just a funny thing, no matter how much a person can crack his / her head, there is no definate conclusion to it, am i right?

ok, lets see the touching lyrics written by him (some not by him). I only quote those i like. 🙂 Wanna know more, buy his album and check it out 🙂


爱是难解的题目 谁都难免会失误你变心的数度
我坚强的程度 都是未知数


莫管今生是龙还是凤 情到浓时你我一样同笑看浮生世态千百种


用尽一生去寻找绝对 会不会太累完美是个骗人的词汇
你不必太完美 我不必太完美人性的可爱就是不能完美
爱没有谁欠谁 爱没有对不对爱自然的来就该自然的退

ok thats all for today…. Benny has already book it for about 13 hours, no msg and call from him yet, wondering what is he doing now. Tired and sleepy, tomorrow is my last day of morning shift before i got my rest day and my night shift starts!! See u again!!

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