Tonight i’m very happy but first talk about my work today bah.

Surprise bah i seldom talk about my work here. But today i really find it ridiculious… Not sure to cry, laugh or faint!

1. Today was serving afternoon tea for one patient. She has diabetes, but she want sugar for
tea. So i put around less than a tea spoon. She was very unhappy, keep on shouting and
almost spilled the whole tea on my uniform!! I was very angry, since u r a diabetes why
are u still having this kind of lifestyle and get yourself admitted! Whats the point!!

2. One of patient came in beacuse of Drug Overdose. So we are keeping close monitoring
over her. As the doctors already allow her with some activites, so we advised to let us
know where she is going and inform us when she’s back. So today her sister visited got
angry and she make such comments: “I never see auch a responsible nurse! Everytime i
send my father for admission i never see nurses so responsible. Keep on restrict my sister
this and that.”
Lucky the patient’s mother was there, ask me to ignore her sister reaction.

So what now, are we going to stay responsible or not?
Responsible — Complain
Not Responsible — Complain

3. One patient admitted for some infection. The son refused blood taking, IV transfusion or
any intervations for her mom. We was like ah?? Than why he admit his mom for?? Some
his mother just discharge few weeks ago.

For the above happenings.. i dunno what to say… can faint!!

Ok… now for happy stuff….

Talk to Benny around 11pm.. just now. Regarding his POP. He os thinking whether want to let his father go for his POP anot. As his dad driving taxi on night, if he never drove he still have to pay the company $80. So not worth it lor, as now Benny is in army and his dad is the only one working. So higher chance of me going alone for his POP is higher and not only that, if his dad is not going, and I will be the one putting beret for him!! So excited!!! Imgine infront of so many ppl and i putting beret for my bf… Haha… I feel so proud!!! I know some may not understant but i just love army uniform, although i dunno what uniform is for what but i just love it!! Benny even got a arny water bottle for me! Cause i find it cute, but my sis said i’m crazy!!! I know its sound stupid but after talking to him, i went to bath, i keep smiling to myself that i may have a chance to put beret for him!! hee… I’m so happy!! Happy happy….
Ok i know i’m easily happy… haha… I’m so happy… Ok ok enough….

Hope tomorrow will be a good working day for me… See u… Sweet dreams!!

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