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铁牙 ~ It means “metal teeth” or mostly know in hokkien called “ti kee” which means stubborn..

Today the topic is not about “stubborn” Haha.. remember in my previous post I mention there is some suprise today ~ 11 Dec 2007? Yes I HAVE BRACES ON!!!! 😀

So I have officially become “ti kee” aka “铁牙” aka “metal teeth” hehe..

Ok why I decided to do it?

One of my upper and lower front teeth is slanted to one side, I know its not very obvious but minority people have notice it. Still I wasn’t keen to do braces because of the years and the “suffering” that I have to endure..

So, when I was having pageant competition at China early this year, was chatting with one of the organiser. He suddenly said to me, it will be much more better if your teeth is straight. I keep quiet for awhile and said “I think first”

His words really make an impact on me, but still I couldn’t decide when to do it. Finally when my sister had her braces done late July, she has been asking me to do it so that we can have each other company. So finally set up my mind and have it done! 😀

X-ray that was done last 2 months ago…
Image Hosted by

Pulling out my teeth on saturday.. 4 teeths at one goal! 长痛不如短痛
Benny accompany me to the dentist. After pulling, the saliva can’t control, keep on drooling because my whole mouth is numb. Start to eat porridge after 3 hours even thought still have slight bleeding.. **greedy me**

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

After that Benny and me went to fairprice and bought some food that I’m going to have for the next few days or weeks.. Thanks Benny for buying me the stuff!! 😀
Image Hosted by

I really have liquid food or soft diet for the past few days, coz I couldn’t bite at all!! But its ok, lucky I still can take fish!! 😀

My healthy teeth.. sob sob
Image Hosted by

Lastly today… my braces!!!
Image Hosted by

** One thing I got infection.. but is already in the bone.. so got to take another course of anitbiotics and my left side of the lower cheek is swollen.. -,-“**

Hope I’m able to have solid food by saturday ’cause I have secondary school gathering! 😀

So my braces is on, and slowly not doing any modeling assignment.. Ask me is it worth it ok course its worth it. I have tried almost everything, commercial, runway, drama series (though not much), pageants and overseas pageant except acting… So its ok. Sometimes certain things have to let go to do other things. Is not that I’m totally into modeling, am I just half leg inside. If have chances, and if I really meant to be in it, after the braces I still can go back again.. but one thing have to be very clear, what is my objective in life? Being in modeling life, is easy to lost oneself, lost of what is your original objective, lost your characteristic and etc.. Have I lost myself before.. maybe have maybe not.. coz I know I always want to be a psychologist (before that is nurse educator when I’m in nursing.. “cause I look upon my senior ~ Sayli but too bad.. its ok. :D)

So I super happy to have my braces on.. haha.. keep on showing my big smile to each an everyone at home! Haha.. Who said putting on braces can’t smile!! I smile.. BIG BIG!! haha.. ok thats all for today! 😀

I got more photos from the main photographer for the Top Model competition in China!! 😀 Its alot, so going to sort it out first and blog it later!! 😀

Oh ya, My Gallery updated already!! 😀


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