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今天的主题是“金玉良言!“ 其实, 每当我阅读报纸或周刊, 我都会注意艺人或名人说的“金玉良言。“ 可能你觉得,他们说的未必真,有时候不需要在意或思考他们背后的意思, 只要你认为这句话对你有帮助的, 就值得你去思考。

这一期的 I周刊 就有好几个值得去思考哦!

1. 人生不应回头看,只要明天好过昨天就行了!

2. 有些事,只能一个人做; 有些关, 只能一个人过,有些路啊,只能一个人走。

3.  我不知道人为什么拖泥带水? 也许因为恐慌。害怕失败, 害怕痛苦, 害怕被拒绝, 或只是害怕做一个决定。

4.沟通。 这是我们在人生中学习的第一件事, 好笑的是,当我们长大之后, 开始识字,说话,反而不知道应该说什么, 怎么说想说的话。

你读了后,有什么感想? 不知道他的意思, 可以问我哦! 也希望你能运用这些“金玉良言!“


Today the start of this post is in chinese, have been a long time since I blog it in chinese.. Happen to blog it in chinese, coz today read through "i weekly" (chinese magazine), realise that this issue have alot of nice phrases for us to think about..  Hence, I decided to share it with you guys.. All this phrases are said by some well know ppl or entertainment ppl. There's no need for you to think whats the reason behind for them to say or whether is it true anot, as long as you feel that, it does helps in your daily lifes, its something good for you to think about 🙂

(the orginal version is in chinese, so may have some difference or phrases are not well translated… so if those who are able to translater better pls do let me know so I can make some changes. :D)

1. One does not look back, just make sure today you are living better than tomorrow.

2. Some things are to be done alone, some obsticles are to be face alone and some path are meanth to be walk alone.

3. I don't understand why human loves dragging? Maybe due to fear. Afraid of being defeat, afraid of miserable, afriad of rejection, or just afraid to make a choice?

4. Communication. We started learning ever since we are born. But funny thing is, when we grow up, started to learn how to write and speak but never learn what need to say and how to say whats on our mind.


Hope its useful to you! 😀 If you don't understand the meaning behind it or wish to discuss can leave a msg at the comments ok!! 😀


Pics time!!

Working on saturday night shift at Mt Alvernia hospital.. Till now still not used to work as an agency nurse, coz there's alot of policy which is different between private hospital and SGH. Take for example, in SGH, nurses are used to taking blood or setting plug, but in private hospital, all done by doctors. When come to making decisions, most of time private nurses will inform the doctor, or just make a note for the morning shift to pass to the doctors. Maybe because they don't have MO (medical officers) like general hospital. There's lots more to compare but if ask me to choose again whether to work in private or general, I will choose general hospital. Its because the feeling of satifaction, the responsiblities we cover although is heavier.

Was chatting with the staff nurses when we are more or less settled, she asked me how come I'm doing part-time etc… Before ending the conversation, told her I prefer to do night shift and afternoon shift. She said once you are getting used to the "free time" in night shift, you wouldn't want to go back to work morning shift.. I was like erm… I like afternoon and night is because I'm lazy to wake up so early.. coz nurses morning shift starts at 7am, so i have to wake up around 5am which I hate it.. Anyway, in my heart, I was thinking.. in general hospital, the night shift is busy.. coz lost of changning and parameters need to be done.. so no difference though whether to work night, afternoon or morning. But one thing i like about morning shift is I love to do dressing, setting and taking blood.. thats what I miss most… 😛

During break… one thing with private hospital… they are fully air-conditional.. its so cold!!! So during breaktime got to cover myself with blanket.. -,-" I prefer my "C" class… no air-con.. wahaha.. I hate air-con… Ya my room no air-con.. 😛

金玉良言 1

The long walk way… really very long… my knees (baluku there) hurt after few hours… 🙁 Wear heels also not pain (ok finding excuses to wear heels)… oh ya.. forget to call TTSH for my appointment!!!

金玉良言 2


Next week, there will be one more night shift.. before I call it off to study for my exam!!! It spells "LOTS OF MAC" too… O,o"


Went to meet Benny on monday to have dinner.. not a pleasent one, coz we got some argument.. but glad things solve when reach home.. lolz.. 5 years still argue lor… but more like a married couple argue for "柴米油盐“ 😛

Finally after along wait.. my "Big prawn" soup!! Although I miss the one in "Chomp chomp" but thats too ex to eat.. wait for gathering with my friends then eat bah..

金玉良言 3


Order "fruits rojak"… ask for non-spicy… but still.. very spicy… -,-"

金玉良言 4


Reach home, play with mao mao for awhile before continue to tidying my room.. She's become more naughty.. no sure if its due to her teeth still gowing keep on bitting stuff.. -,-" Bought a soft toy for her, hope she behave more..

金玉良言 5


What I wore today..

Not really happy about it coz my skinnys still lose on me after altering, the lose part make my butt look big….. got to alter again.. sad sad… lucky bought it at only USD$9.99 otherwise plus the altering $$ not worth it..

Top from m)phosis, Skinnys from VS, belt from Taiwan ailiyo and wedges from levu at The Central.

金玉良言 6

Forget before I end todays blog.. since alot of ppl have been asking me about the location and the pricing for those places I have go for the past few days.. I will give more info of the location.. for those who don't know, scroll down and have an idea! 😀

1. The Durian Feast Buffet

The Promotion , The contact details

金玉良言 7


2. Big Fish Head

金玉良言 8

3. Waraku, The Jap resturant


金玉良言 9


4. The buffet

金玉良言 10

Night night world!! 😀


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