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月圆圆, 合家乐团圆!!

Today is the last day of Chinese lunar new year.. time really flies and now we are older by 1 year old. Hope everyone enjoyed collecting the angbao like I do 😀

This year is a special year as its my first time joining my new company CNY lunch feast. It was wonderful lunch, really thanks to my bosses aka doctors for the wonderful treat. I seriously gain quite a bit of weight ever since I join this company.. LOLz..

Seafood feast 05.02.2009

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey Road
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Elaine and me
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Jessica, Kristine and Alice
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Yummy food!!
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Time to “lo hei”!!
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Busy eating, so didn’t manage to take photos of the food we ordered, but manage to take this 😛 (I’m so evil :X )
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This meal is really enjoyable as our staffs seldom get together as we are seprate into 2 clinics. The only bad thing about this lunch is we seems like to rushing for time as we have to go back to the clinic. No time to really chit chat except the doctors busy talking 😛

We girls bought a tub of Ben & Jerry to eat.. yummy.. I love their chocolate chunks!
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After work meet Benny to walk around, and here goes my another round of feast at Shokudo Japanese Coffee House.. I’m really grateful for my parent to born me with high metabolism rate ’cause I seriously loves to eat!

Benny … seems like very hardworking, eat also must use laptop.. (actually playing games) hahaha..
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Seafood salad!! This one is super nice and great portion, worth the $$
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Benny’s order: Chicken cutlet with Wasabi mayonise sauce. The sauce is very nice!
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Have a heavy lunch so I just order pizza to ease my itch mouth. Cheezy mushroom pizza, it will nice if they put more mushrooms. 😛
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After eating, we went to walk around looking for nice desserts, Benny brought me to “记得吃” at Liang Seah street. Its a very small desert store but selling a variety of dessert.
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We had 6 different desserts.. both of us are really pig (both of our chinese horoscope is pig, so now u know why)

Water chestnut cake. This is quite nice, colling and crunchy. For those who are interested the Recipes.
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Double boiled papaya with white fungus. This one is really nice, good for skin, and high in collagen.
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Yam paste. The yam paste is not very nice, taste like starch rather yam taste.
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Ginger glutinous rice ball, this one is nice.
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Durian puff. If u want to try this dish, its best u order first, it takes about 20 mins to prepare this dish. So its fresh from the oven! The thin crust is very nice and crispy, but the durian paste is not strong enough so it makes the all puff quite sweet.
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The last dessert for the day is ginger soup. Didn’t take a photo of that, its just a normal drink but very good to “remove” air from stomach.. 😀

My outfit for the day: VS tube dress, cardi and fridge hobo bag from wetseal and peep toe wedges.
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My mao mao..
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My outfit on friday, went out with my SIM friends to eat and drink.
VS shirt dress, F21 belt, owl bag and heels from Charles & Keith.
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By the way, at the deseert store, I saw a piece of words of wisom which I feel that is very nice, share it with u guys:



Night night…



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