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Never in my life I thought I will be blogging this, and seriously I hope this is the the last.

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The travel agent who cheated us:




If you are or who you know is a victim please contact me!!! I’M NOT REMOVING THIS POST TILL MONEY IS RETURN AND JUSTICE IS DONE!

Early this year, Mr Tan (my hubby) saw some one selling her BKK tickets in hardwarezone forum, so he message the thread starter and the person direct my hubby to this lady, a freelance travel agent ~ Kim, aka Bambi Kee aka Kee Kim Noi.
Who claims that she has a lot of linkage with travel agents and airline company and have helped a lot of people book their tickets.
At first, it seems like everything went well, until few days before the trip,Mr Tan realized that there is no air tickets and our hotel booking was not done!
She was not contactable after that, but she contacted my hubby 2-3 days later, claiming that she was in Malaysia. So she manage to convince my husband that she will settle everything and ensure that we can go to BKK.
Some how she manage to settle it, but we went 2-3 days later then the original date, and from Novotel hotel to a 3 star hotel.

I told my husband do not use her service again. Apparently this was turn into a deaf ear, because he feel that she has tried her best to do service recovery and we still went to BKK as plan except for few days later.
So he engaged her service again when my Taiwan relatives came to Singapore. He told her to help us book hotel and some tour package. All along my husband contacted her through phone and transfer the money via iBanking. He keep telling me that she sound very confidence and knows what she is doing, thus he trust her. Not only that Mr Tan told her to get air tickets to Taiwan in Dec this year, as my parents and sister want to go over. She said she manage to get the tickets from SQ and in the later part she said there is promotion and managed to convince my hubby to buy some more air tickets to Taiwan for us and my fil and sil.

Again, few days before my relatives come to Singapore, SHE MIA AGAIN and REAPPEAR on the day my relatives arrived. She said she went for training and said she have everything in control and ask my husband to trust her. Was everything really under control? NO! When my husband called Changi hotel to confirm the payment and our booking, the hotel people told us that the hotel booking has not been paid! She claims that she have went down to make the payment but apparently not! My husband questioned Kim, she said she will make the payment ask him not to worry and trust her. So as per hotel policy, the staff need our credit card as a deposit. To our horror, we have been charged for the hotel stay after my relatives checked out! SHE DIDN’T MAKE THE PAYMENT!
The guided tour wasn’t even smooth flowing either as there is minor hiccups too, but it was settled.

So now Mr Tan money trip for Taiwan in Dec already stuck with her, I told him to get the money back. We book ourselves. Of coz he didn’t manage to, and later part she emailed him a booking to show that she has done the booking for our Taiwan trip!
Guess what last week SHE IS NOT CONTACTABLE AGAIN!!! Mr Tan tried calling her for few days, both her line was off, totally not contactable. I told him please call SQ and checked whether has our tickets been book.
SQ SAID NO, THE TICKETS WERE CANCELLED! Mr Tan checked that it was Formosa Travel agency ~ Vivian, who is handling the tickets. So Mr Tan called and ask him whether she know Kim and what happen to our tickets.
Vivian said the tickets were cancelled because NO PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE!!

I’m so pissed off this time round as it is less than a month to our Taiwan trips and this have to happen?! It’s so difficult to get the tickets in short period of notice! Before she went MIA, Kim told Mr Tan that she will get the tickets for him on Monday. HOW TO GET TICKETS WHEN THERE IS NO BOOKING FROM SQ!!

So Mr Tan contacted debt collectors and we have make police report and at the same time I’m trying to find who have been cheated by her. I have found a few victims and ask Mr Tan to contact them and discuss what can be done!
Yesterday she called my hubby, and ask him why he don’t trust her, and keep bombing Mr Tan, about trusting her and say she wouldn’t cheat his money blah blah. But when ask about the tickets, she say she trying to call SQ again. WTF!! She don’t have the tickets at all! Kim ask my husband to give her some time to get the tickets, I’m so piss and told my husband I need the tickets by today.
I called her and same she ask me to give her some time to get the tickets, she trying to call SQ. I told her to give me the name and contact person she has contacted with, she said she can’t give and insist I give her time to get the tickets. I gave her 4 hrs and need a answer by then.
4 hrs later she send a msg and said she will call me at 3pm.

At 3pm she called and told me she have tried calling SQ and the person who is going to sell her the millage can only contact her at 6pm and she has block a ¬†booking with Garuda Indonesia. I told her give me the contacts of the SQ person and the agency contact number. She said NO, IS PERSONAL CONTACT! ¬†I said you want my husband to trust you yet u can produce any evidence! I ask her cancel the SQ and just confirm the Garuda Indonesia airline and give me the tickets by today! She said she can’t have to wait for a few days. I said why few days?! She cannot give me a valid reason and insist I can only get my tickets back 2-3 days! U think I believe your shit! I told her cancel all the bookings and return my money!

Again she said I CAN’T RETURN NOW. What do you mean by you can’t return now, that is MINE money, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO SPEND IT! It just shows that she has no money to pay the travel agent thus I have to wait for few days later to get my tickets!! She can’t give me a reason why she don’t have the money!
Is a total of $16k, the Changi hotel, Dec Taiwan trip and next yr BKK trip! Don’t ask me why Mr Tan has paid for next year trip. I was super piss off!!


I told her I have found other victims, she insist that there is no victims and have return their money! BULLSHIT!
I have found 4 victims and trying to contact one who has post in one of the scam blog.

I hope you readers can help me to spread this around and see who has cheated by her! Yes money can earn back, but it involves with my parents and my sisters money, SO I WANT IT BACK and justice must be done.



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  1. Random November 19, 2013 / 12:53 pm

    Got to listen to your wife when it comes to money.

    • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:22 am

      well, how many husband will do that?

  2. sweets November 19, 2013 / 3:05 pm

    They take your money and use it for other tickets and so on. Basically a huge ponzi scheme…

    • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:22 am


  3. Question Marks November 19, 2013 / 10:39 pm

    I am quite puzzled as there are so many sources of booking travel but why after the poor service of Novotel to 3 star hotel & delayed trip, ur hubby, Mr Tan still can say that he trust her just because she sounds confident & even went on to pay $16k for taiwan trip???

    • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:21 am

      I also have a lot of questions and even said my husband stupid to even trust her. I can only said that her maybe she is really good in talking till my husband really trusted her. Even though I did warn him but things still happen. I can just say is an expensive lesson learn for my husband.

  4. Alex November 20, 2013 / 12:34 am

    I was a victim with police report and case in 2011

    • Sinkieporean November 20, 2013 / 1:09 am

      Have you already gotten your money back or pressed charges against her successfully?

      • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:17 am

        No haven’t got any money back from her yet. We can’t press charges on her till we find more victims.

    • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:19 am

      Hi Alex, I have emailed you, do let me know if you still want to pursue your case or u want to let it go. If u want to chase back your money please contact me. Thanks.

  5. Sinkieporean November 20, 2013 / 1:08 am

    In this era where margins for any tour agents are razor thin, why do anyone still bother to look for dubious deals just to save that few bucks.

    Hotel and air ticket bookings with reputable online agency (or direct with hotel/airline) is probably as best a deal you can possibly (and safely) get, don’t bother hunting for such dubious operator who doesn’t even have a registered business address.

    Some other cases in point, e.g. those online coupon deals – you think you get a good offer? At the end of the day only to find out about the many restrictions and be slapped with add-on payments when you book your trip.

    At the end of the day, the saying goes, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is – and when you are dealing with a $16k worth of business, it is a good idea to work with someone whose track record can be verified.

    • Qiqi November 20, 2013 / 11:18 am

      Thanks for pointing out, all along my family book our tickets directly from airline, only till recently my husband said he found an agent which will find him a good deal. Even though I did warn him but things still happen. I can just say is an expensive lesson learn for my husband.

  6. Joel November 22, 2013 / 4:39 pm

    Bad situation, but I feel if her sister wasn’t a party, don’t bring her into it.


    • Qiqi November 23, 2013 / 10:37 am

      No comments on this. The victims will know what excatly has happen. Thanks.

  7. stupified November 22, 2013 / 11:40 pm

    Dear ah lian, your hubby is a titwit. Maybe he has the hots for her. Kena makan once but still blindly use her services again.

    • Qiqi November 23, 2013 / 10:36 am

      I agree my husband is not that smart as he is tempted with the cheap deals, but I have a name, and in anyway I believe I don’t look like ah lian just because this blog post is full of anger. And if you dare to comment people look like an ah lian why indicate a fake email. If u don’t respect people I believe you don’t need one too.

  8. Question Marks November 23, 2013 / 5:45 am

    Its not about good talkerr till ur hubby still believe her. I think the Taiwan trip really is already a very good lesson to ne learnt. To fight such case is not easy. Really so many reputable travel agencies out there can give bulk discounts ur hubby don’t trust & buy still go ahead buy from this weird woman.

    • Qiqi November 23, 2013 / 10:34 am

      I agree with you, but we and the rest of the victims are determine to nail this case.

  9. JC November 29, 2013 / 7:29 pm

    Hi, i am also a victim. I have already linked up with MissyQiQi. I just wanted to add more information here.

    My incident happened in May 2013. Bambi took almost S$5K from me. Mine was 2 tickets to Canada. I have 2 other victims with me. One is $3K (to Europe) and one is $2K (4 tickets to BKK). 3 of us (All victims) do not know each other. However, we have a common friend, who was the one who recommended us to Bambi Kee.

    2 main points I would like to add on:

    Firstly, Bambi is a good talker and a confident salesperson. She knows the in and out of travel agency business, airlines business, hotels and mileage redemptions etc. I believe no one will engage her, if she was a stranger. She was been recommended by those who used her services before. Just like in our cases, our friend used her services to book a cheap package to BKK (Bambi also issued her an invoice) and thus, I trusted her. As to why, Bambi Kee did not cheat on the BKK packages, that we do not know. Sometimes I think, the BKK packages is for her to gain trust and move on to the bigger fishes out there. From our perspective, she does have a track record. Above all, the prices that she quoted is a few hundred bucks on each air ticket, that makes sense for a long haul trip. Bambi claimed that the savings came from mileage redemption from airlines staff, through an “agent friend” who is her “personal contact”. (She used the same explanation to MissyQiQi during the confrontation).

    Secondly, after my trip (which I forked out additional money to purchase online when she did not give me my tickets), I SMS her and learnt that she was hospitalised. Similar to MissyQiQi, her tactics would be either “training”, “overseas” or “personal issues”. Bambi challenged us to go to hospital if I did not believe her. Thus, I went to TTSH and to my biggest shock, she was staying in A1 ward in John Hopkins medical centre. (I guess that was where my money went).

    In the hospital, she told us that her “personal contact” ran away with the money and that her mum is selling the house so she can pay back everyone. She asked us to check propertyguru if I do not believe her. She even allowed me to take a photocopy of her IC and go her house for viewing if I want to. The interesting thing – The agent who was selling the house, has the same surname as her, She must be either her sister or relative. From June 2013 until today, this agent has been posting the same ad every single day in propertyguru. Are they serious in selling the house? Perhaps, no.

    The following months began our ordeal of getting back our money. Every month, we got either $50 or $100 back from her. Every month, we need to remind her, chase her, listen to her lies over and over again. Her SMS are all cut and paste and full of loopholes. For example, She would claimed that her pay is in, but 3 days later when she was supposed to pay, she said her pay cheque did not cleared. Then, weeks passed, it becomes a new month again. Every month, she will tell us a new story, either she’s taking a part time job, getting a bank loan or someone is viewing her house for a 2nd time etc. Or if not, she will claim that her pay for that month is very little, she cannot pay back the huge sum. So, we thought, she was perhaps very very poor and really got cheated by the agent who is the “personal contact”.

    MissyQiQi case happened in Sep 2013, 3 months after she told us she wanted to sell the house to pay us back. Looked what happen? She has continued to repeat the same tactic again and this time round, up to $16K! Instead of paying us the money (total of $10K from 3 of us), she continues her spree. Imagine if we do not expose her, are we going to let more people get cheated?

    Now, where are the loopholes? After she contact the travel agency (Farmosa in this example), she will email you the booking and we will transfer money over once we see the email and booking record. The booking will get auto cancelled cos obviously, Bambi did not pass the money to Farmosa. If you ask me why is this even allowed to happen, since she is not a certified travel agent, how can she make any booking for us? Is this a loophole? I think we are responsible for this ourselves, because all travel agents usually email us a booking record. From that booking record, I managed to log in and made my seats selection. There was no way I would doubt anything at all.

    After months of dealing with her, we are very certain, she is not trustworthy, full of lies, possibly a serial cheater, and has no intentions of paying back our money. Among all the victims that we know, none saw her before, except myself. (Since I dashed to TTSH). What kind of person would not want to show their face since they are doing a service?

    Are we going to let her continue? If she has a job with such low pay, why is she staying in an A1 ward? Perhaps, all our money is to fund her A1 lifestyle? Too bad, we are not her breadwinner.

    To sum up, getting our money back is the most important task to us, but we need to also stop such things from happening.

    We need to spread the word!

  10. Idz February 12, 2014 / 6:18 am

    hey im a victim too. and i was so naive not to check hwz or any other website complaining about her. here is my story:

    1st feb trip taipei cancel. paid her $1350 for two person.
    now my bangkok trip 14th february $1290 for three person
    sq flight to delhi 15th March $1040 for two person
    jet airway to kathmandu 26th march $220
    hyatt regency 16th april $220
    shangrila pokhara 10th april $200

    for taipei and bangkok trip i pay her on november-december 2013. therefore if she said that her contact runaway on november-december why still ask me to engage her service. too bad that i only search about her now. i should have check it out earlier. lesson learn.

    now how to get our money back? report have been made but how come she still free? im also confuse. do contact me for the update too. thanks have a great day!

  11. Anonymous October 9, 2014 / 9:41 am

    Hi, so any updates to this case? was she caught by the police in the end?

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